“The kids on the nightmare voyage on the ferry to åland: ”Lots of crying””

“the Ferry was put out with the kids on board – but the parents remained in the country.”

“Aftonbladet was on site when the families were reunited after more than ten tear-filled hours on the Åland sea.”

“– We ate breakfast, but then we mostly sat and waited for to come home again, ” says 11-year-old Rinad. “

“The fifteen children, aged between two and eleven years old, has just disembarked from the Viking Line ferry Amorella in the råkalla Stockholmskvällen. “

“The stojar and stimmar and tjoar and father around, as people that age do most. But when they tell you about the trip to Mariehamn on the Åland islands so they become serious. “

“– For me it was very boring. It was a lot of crying, we sat most of a staircase. It felt like there was no point to try to have fun because several do not come with, and we knew how sad they were, ” says Rinad, 11.”

“– In the morning, when I woke up I was jättepeppad, but then, everything was just so wrong. We ate breakfast when we came on board, but then we have most been waiting for to come home again.”

“One of them who remained in the country was the 10-year-old Ibtesam.”

“– When we would go on board, I noticed that my mother was not with, and then I panicked. I stopped to wait for her. When she came, so shut the guard just latch on, ” she says.”

“the Group, which consists of a total of five adults and 15 children, came in the eleventh hour to Stadsgårdskajen on Saturday morning. Therefore, it became very stressful when they would go on board the ferry. “

“– It was very short on time, and it had of course been better if we had gotten there earlier. But we got to check in, so then they should have had the track and released all on board, ” says 32-year-old Huda. “

“She was left on the quay, together with the daughter of Ibtesam, sister Ruweida and two. “

“– It is a question of safety. Viking Line does not put children’s safety in the main room when they are doing this. I am totally shocked, ” says Ruweida, 30. “

“four-year-old son Yusuf holds up tightly next to her. He was on board the boat, and is heavily influenced by the incident. “

” He has been really scared, worried and sad. We have tried everything to get them to turn the boat, but without success. “

“– It is a sick situation. Ordningsvakten not released aboard the us was very aggressive and rude. Viking Line has managed this in a bad way. “

“”the Schedule is very tight””

“Viking Line’s head of communications Johanna Boijer-Svahnström says she never been with to families separated at the time of boarding. “

“According to her, rests a great responsibility on the passengers to be in place in good time. “

” Our staff has really tried to help them so that everyone would be able to come up with, but the schedule is very tight and we have very limited opportunities to wait because of that we are dependent on other ship schedules.”

” We regret this of course. It is very sad when children are affected by something like this.”