the Problem is in the digital world as often as feared. It comes to missing files: “How can I get the photo collection of the last twenty years, my word document with the novel design, the PDF with my thesis, or the Excel table with the 100 most important passwords back?”

Digital data come amazingly easily lost. A click at the wrong Moment, once the trash after you Accidentally clicked on Delete. Or a Virus, a crash, a power failure or any action that can be explained afterwards, no more – and the way the digital treasures.

Every digital expert is confronted with this question, because the Computer “forgot nothing,” is the common prejudice. However, the opposite is the case. Storage media, while gigantic amounts of data – but they are also extremely volatile. That is why we recommend at every possible and impossible opportunity for a data backup.

Back-up neurotics are not immune

However, even people who operate their Back-ups almost neurotic care, are documents missing. For example, because the memory card was in the camera to be Defective, before you can transfer all the beautiful holiday photos to the Computer. Or because you have not had the Back-up hard drive just in reach, after they had worked intensively on the Computer.

Therefore, it can self-conscientious happen to people that you have to worry about rescuing lost data. And that is an undesirable Gencobahis matter. Because if the succeed, depends on many factors: the circumstances, the correct response and the appropriate programs.

A Problem – two-Videos

Because the thing is complex, there are two Videos on the subject. The first explains the methods that result in less tricky situations to success: if a data backup is in principle available, only a few files are lost and you can use the affected disk. This Video is for the more harmless cases, see above.

The second Video takes care of the trickier situations: What to do if a hard drive has been accidentally reformatted or via the Windows Explorer no longer accessible? What can you do, if not even more, the operating system starts? Or if you are lost on a very full hard drive data? In the case of any use of the computer is a risk, because the lost data could be overwritten and thus not recoverable. (Because the data rescue no longer possible then, if the lost data are directly accessible on the storage medium but is still intact.)

In this second Video, we also provide a Software , proven, and powerful, but it’s the opposite of user friendly: We show how you can use them to photos from a memory card. In an analogous way but also to other file types on external and internal data store search.

conclusion: data rescue is a delicate matter. But with the right methods and the best programs the chances are of success bad.

for More information, as well as program-tips for the Mac, you can find here. (

Created: 03.12.2018, 16:21 PM