is gone a Few days after the historic election of two Federal councillors, the euphoria in the Federal house. The first decision of the new government – the Department of distribution threatens to be in conflict.

Traditionally, the Federal Council tried to distribute the departments in the consensus. But on Friday, he could not agree, despite a long discussion, because no one wants to take over the defense Department (VBS). The acting defense Minister, Guy Parmelin (SVP) has logged the request to switch after three years to the infrastructure Department (Detec), or to the Department of Economic Affairs.

To Detec the new CVP will, however, representative Viola Amherd and to the Department of Economic Affairs, the new FDP councillor Karin Keller-Sutter. The Sunday Newspapers report unanimously, and your information will be considered by Federal Council of the nearby observers as correct. As the discussion in Detail, run, you know, only the seven Federal councillors.

Who takes over the VBS?

liked Because for the time being, no one is yielding, has postponed the Federal Council of its decision. Whenever possible, he wants to prevent to make his very first decision in a new composition by means of a vote, and to push so that one of its members in front of the head. It group on the fly would be a very bad Start for the new government, which are extremely difficult tasks.

According to reliable Federal Council sources affiliated with the Department of distribution will now take place in a second session, which is scheduled on Monday. A consensus decision is only possible if either Parmelin puts his changing desires on the backburner – or if one of the two New sacrifices, but for the VBS. All three are under pressure from their parties:

The SVP-tip is of the essence Parmelin. Their Argument: The SVP had led the VBS now for 23 years continuously; now another party is finally back in Betexper the series. The influence of the FDP rich-exponents argue, however, that the FDP have already little influential the Department of foreign Affairs (FDFA). Since it is not to go, that now the VBS attachments, while the other parties make the really important policy areas: the economic, infrastructure, Social and tax policy. In addition, huge hopes for Karin Keller rest in the Federal house-Sutter: thanks to its good relations to the trade unions to achieve the ‘ total blocked Europe policy is a compromise. That would be in the defense Department that is more difficult, in the Department of Economic Affairs, however. In the CVP, the anticipation keeps you on the VBS within narrow limits, for reasons similar to in the FDP, but compounded by the fact that Amherd is the only CVP-representative in the Federation Council.

When the dispute about the departments can be only by vote to dissolve, Amherd the worst cards, because it has in the Council a party colleague. According to the “Sunday newspaper” columns, Ueli Maurer (SVP) and Ignazio Cassis (FDP) Parmelins exchange cravings. If that’s the case, plays Keller-Sutter of the Department of distribution, the tipping the scales: you would have to decide whether you can be added to the SVP-FDP-block of four and so helps to place Amherd in VBS or if you are linearized with Amherd and the two SP-Federal councils solid, to prevent Parmelin on the exchange.

in Addition, the plan matches will be complicated by the unclear role of Simonetta Sommaruga (SP). Also, the Minister of justice, toying with a move to the Department or to the Department of Economic Affairs. It is unclear, however, how you can decidedly a change actually aiming for – or whether you can live with it, to remain the Rest of their tenure at the justice and police Department.

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Created: 09.12.2018, 21:04 Uhr