Telekom offers the best mobile network, Vodafone follows closely behind. O2 can reduce the gap to the competition. This is the result of Connect and Chip, the compare independently mobile networks. Especially in cities, all three providers offer good network. On Land the O2 drops significantly, and in the train also Telecom and Vodafone are bad. Who lives in a big city, you can save with an O2 contract money. the By Simon Hurtz Simon Hurtz

Simon Hurtz, Born in 1989, editor in the Digital Team. Has done 13 years of passive resistance against the Bavarian educational system, and then longing for the school. So landed on the German school of journalism, and has enjoyed the certainty, to have his dream job found (to avoid misunderstandings: story-telling, not a taxi). Felt then too young to Work and wanted to have a real Uni, seen from the inside. Noticed after four semesters of sociology, politics and Economics at the Zeppelin University, but that, for him, journalism is more important than his Bachelor’s degree. Comforting about his Constance is looking now with the panorama of the Alps, he gets to see from the SZ-Hochhaus. Not likes to write about himself in the third Person.

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The German complains follow. Not only about the weather (too wet) and the track (too late), but also via the Internet: too slow. And he is right: In Spain the sun shines more often, in Switzerland, the trains are punctual to come, and in South Korea, the Bytes flow faster.

lame However, during the broadband roll-out in Germany, at least in the mobile phone networks are better than their reputation. This is the result of the magazines Connect and Chip anyway. Both compare independently coverage and quality of mobile networks of the three major providers. The testers put each of tens of thousands of kilometres in car and train, run busy through big cities and try to surf on the country.

The journals boast of their elaborate, practical and statistically reliable methods. Chip assigns school grades to the second decimal place, Connect has to pay a complex System of point and percentages developed. The exact values are likely to play for most of the users have no role, but the basic statements. In this respect, the two magazines are nearly everywhere agree:


Why mobile phone contracts in Germany are so expensive

The prices for mobile Surfing fall. However, customer numbers in Germany are still significantly more than in other European countries. Marlene Thiele

Telekom is ahead of Vodafone, O2 cut off. So it was 2017. And in 2016. And 2015. This time, it became close. The sequence remains the same, but O2 brings for the first time hard on. Chip looks at the Telekom only just in front, Connect detected a slightly more pronounced edge to Vodafone. But both agree that O2 in comparison to the previous year, has increased significantly. The reason for this is that the Integration of the E-Plus network 2014 is completed from O2. especially in large cities, O2 is able to keep up. The company has apparently focused on this particularly important markets with many potential customers. Although the call setup will take about one and a half seconds longer than the competition, but only a few phone calls stop, and the voice quality is hardly worse than in the case of Telekom and Vodafone. The same is true for the speed of Browsing: not quite on the level of competition, but fast and reliable enough to constantly annoy. Chip has released Detail-results for five cities. In Berlin and Cologne, Telekom is slightly ahead of Vodafone, in Frankfurt, the advantage is greater. Hamburg and Munich, cities in which Fenomenbet Vodafone are customers – at least according to the Test – best to phone calls, and Internet. There is also O2 comes with a very good results, while it is enough in Berlin and Cologne only to good overall grades. Especially the residue in Frankfurt, here Chip bother especially on the part of low data rates in the O2 network. In the countryside and in smaller cities O2 on the other hand, no equivalent Alternative. Connect and Chip complain in unison crashes the noticeably poorer network coverage and frequent disconnections. Telecom and Vodafone customers can also surf in the rural regions, usually with LTE, the O2 network has some catching up to do. The power in the voice quality is noticeable: Who’s on the phone in the LTE network, it is better to understand, and can hear his interlocutor more clearly. O2 customers will need to away from the big cities do without often. The Same is true for roads and highways, where the Telecom is there in all of the categories sometimes significantly in front: Up – and Downloads are the fastest, the phone calls stop is comparatively rare. Vodafone follows with some distance in second place, O2 is cut off Last. In the web other rules apply: For train passengers, there is still no really good choice. The least Hassle Vodafone, which is located just in front of the Telekom and of Chip after all, a satisfactory overall grade receives power. In comparison to the previous year, has improved but little. “The Internet in the web is still very much remain in Germany so to do,” writes Connect. The Switzerland shows that it is better: There, rail passengers can surf almost as reliable as in the cities.

Who wants to sign a new mobile phone contract, can be drawn from these results several conclusions:

You get what you pay for. The Telecom network is the number one – but this is also true for the price. Who lives in a big city and rarely on stable network in rural areas is dependent, you can save the extra cost. In the case of Vodafone, comparable contracts cost around ten Euro less per month, O2 is cheaper. The greatest potential for savings lies elsewhere: For all networks, there are numerous discount stores, which rent the network infrastructure of the three providers. They offer similar contracts for a fraction of the money, only the Service is often even worse than in the case of Telekom, Vodafone and O2. A telephony flat rate service with several gigabytes of data volume and EU Roaming costs in the O2 power supply for less than ten euros per month. Some discounters trick, however: you are in front of customers the LTE network in most regions with significant speed advantages and better voice quality. Part, they also include EU Roaming, your phone abroad, then it is only in the Wi-Fi or camera. Such a “National rates” are for many users not a good choice. Relatively unimportant, the maximum data is rate. Theoretically, Transmission rates of several Hundred Mbit/s are possible, then the monthly data volume is used up but also in a few minutes. As long as the contract includes LTE, enough speed for almost all application scenarios. Finally, only one user is surfing. The broadband connection to the home must be rich in contrast, often the same for several people, the phone at the same time, Netflix, streaming, Video or to Cloud storage access. Compared with other countries, are mobile phone contracts in Germany are still relatively expensive. The prices are falling steadily. Therefore, it can be worthwhile, complete a contract, you can cancel them, in case a significantly better offer switch. In any case, it is recommended to terminate contracts with a longer duration in time. Most of the providers offer from more favourable conditions, in order not to lose customers. Those who complete in the coming year, a contract can ignore 5G confidently. It is just talked about constantly, because in the spring, the frequencies of the new mobile radio standards to be auctioned. So far, there is neither a 5G rates still 5G Smartphones. Until the Standard reaches users, it will take a few more years.