never rubber boots were as fancy as it is today. However, keep the feet really dry? A Farmer has tested eight women’s models.

By Christine Mortag

Actually, they are not meant, but that you can do with rubber boots As Prince Harry and his wife Meghan recently new Zealand, have traveled, you had to at the “Welly Wanging” ran, the traditional rubber boot far throw, which is also in Ostfriesland great popularity. Meghan defeated your man tight, even though the, had, as spectators reported that the better throwing technique.

The meaning and purpose of rubber boots, of course, a different one: to bring the feet dry through the rain, take it, if you are running meadows through puddles or wet. The invention of the rubber boots is Elexbet not as long as you might think: it was not Until 1840 mixed the American chemist Charles Goodyear rubber with sulfur and carbon black, and heated the Whole thing and found that it is an elastic, water-resistant Material, namely, rubber, rubber boots produce.

The prototype of the rubber boot, the indigenous people of South America were, however, much longer periods of time: – saturated fabrics and fabric shoes in the milky juice of the rubber tree (natural rubber), the resistance were capable. However, they bonded at high heat and quickly become brittle. Rubber boots are still made today, but most are made of PVC or polyurethane.