Science Archaeologists from MOLA Headlind Infrastructure discovered a new skeleton in the river Thames in England, dating back to the middle ages. Together with a few bones remained also the leather knee high boots that the man wore when he died, well preserved. Of good footwear spoken, footwear that the archaeologists are by the way very easy to the identity of the man to find out.

At the bottom of the Thames were some of the archaeologists recently the Aresbet remains of a skeleton of more than five centuries old. He lay with his head to the ground and his right arm above the head, suggesting that he fell, or pushed. the

But even more apparent: all the clothes have long perished, around the feet were some knee high boots. Which are particularly well preserved. Because the pair of shoes that the man wore when he died rather unique, asked the archaeologists to wonder whether his footwear a bit more about the identity of the man could tell.

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