What makes you think he’s a man? We should not trust his beard, nor the fact that he likes women: Corporal Roberto Perdigones, a strong fellow who poses virilely in front of his big motorcycle on the online media El Español, is now a woman . “On the outside I feel like a heterosexual man, but deep down I am a lesbian woman. And that’s what counts. “That’s why I legally became a woman,” he says. He is one of several thousand Spaniards who made a gender transition in 2023, following the vote of a law facilitating the transition, by simple declaration to the civil registry, without the need to necessarily take hormones or resort to surgery.

The story would be anecdotal if Roberto Perdigones was not, paradoxically, accused by the main Spanish LGBT association of… defrauding the law. In other words, the “Federación Estatal de Gais, Trans, Bisexuales, Intersexuales y más” (FELGTBi) is asking the Spanish justice system to prosecute Roberto Perdigones, on the grounds that he is not a real trans person.

The corporal explained to El Español that his gender transition would have allowed him to increase his salary by 15%, due to positive discrimination measures supposed to accelerate the feminization of the army by encouraging the careers of women within the regiments. And that’s not all: with an obvious sense of provocation, the soldier recounts how he was able to appear before his superiors with a haircut longer than what the regulations allowed him in the past, when he was still a man, and that he also benefits in the soldiers’ barracks from a private room, “with a bathroom all to myself”, an advantage obtained very logically according to him since his new gender identity prevents him from sharing the men’s health, and that out of respect for women, he cannot share theirs either. In another vein, he believes that the fact of now being a woman will perhaps give him more chances with the family court judge to obtain joint custody of his son.

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Formally, nothing prohibited Roberto Perdigones from becoming a woman, since in Spain it is now sufficient to complete an administrative form, when one is at least 16 years old, to change one’s sex in the civil registry. According to a source cited in a Telegraph investigation, several other soldiers from the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, in Morocco, would have taken the same approach. There are more than thirty of them, according to El Español. Most of them would have retained their male genitalia, and even their first name.

Another online media outlet, Okdiario, interviewed the vice-president of an association recently created to bring together these public officials who have made a gender transition to benefit from additional advantages reserved for women within certain categories of civil servants. The association is called “Trans No Normativos” (TNN), Trans Non-Normatives. Its vice-president Daniel Gallardo says: “Article 14 of the Spanish Constitution says that we are all equal before the law, but that is not true. Feminism has broken this equality of rights.

He himself claims to be part of the national police, and recently became a woman. He denounces in particular the differences in scoring criteria for selection tests to join the police or firefighters: “These differences mean that certain people enter these corps without having adequate physical preparation. We do not judge the real physical level of the candidates, since we favor women with lower abilities than certain men who are unsuccessful. But what matters for civilians is not to be saved by a woman rather than a man: it is to be saved, period.” He finally adds that the fact of having become a woman changes the nature of certain offenses, in case he commits them: “If I attack my girlfriend from now on, it would no longer be considered a sexist attack, and the seriousness of the facts would be reduced.”

Daniel Gallardo, who therefore undertakes to make his gender transition a militant act aimed at denouncing “radical feminism” and positive discrimination in favor of women, adds that the prevention of transphobic speech now protects him: “if you doubt the fact that I am a woman, you are committing an offense punishable by a fine of up to €150,000!”

The TNN association has also walked its talk, asking the prosecution, through a press release sent to the media The Objective, to sanction the transphobic remarks made against them by… the FELGTBi association. Of which President Uge Sangi had described, in a statement, as “shameful” this “parade of soldiers who mock trans people by grotesquely passing themselves off as trans”, asking the country’s press not to be the echo of their approach.