The public TRANSPORT industry has a Problem. Year after year, the companies make high profits, the SBB about in the past year 568 million Swiss francs. Due to the high prices, especially for subscriptions. The price supervisor has not been reached that this money disappears into corporate coffers, but via vouchers and saving tickets in part, to the customer flows back. The sums are large: 100 million francs, SBB this year for supersaver tickets available.

The System but there’s a catch. The transport composites refuse to supersaver tickets to introduce. Their Quasi-monopoly to abuse this position, public TRANSPORT customers in urban areas have little chance to benefit from the reparation discounts. The disclosed is a data analysis of the “Sunday newspaper”. Ironically, the numbers of strong urban population receives so little of the money you paid for example, purchasing a General subscription, to a lot of.

This injustice is not a negligible side-effect, but relates to the majority of public TRANSPORT customers.

This injustice is not just a negligible side-effect, but relates to the majority of public TRANSPORT customers. 2018, the SBB included trips 456 million passengers, the Z├╝rcher Verkehrsverbund 660 million. The composites make it too easy, if you criticize supersaver tickets as ineffective. First of all, the SBB of at least 2 million in avoided car rides going. Secondly, the money belongs to the customers, because they have paid too much.

all public traffic needs to understand that he has a duty to assist in the return distribution. The supersaver tickets represent composites of the problems, because they require a unification of the rates. In contrast, the laminates are unable to defend themselves for years, to lose the freedom of design. However, the harmonization for the benefit of the customer is essential.

It is therefore right that the Federal government has to set up well pressure. At the request of the Walliser SP-Nationalrat Mathias Reynard, the Federal Council is currently examining the legal basis of the composites to the cooperation force. Finally.

Created: 01.12.2019, 20:49 PM