The CEOs of Daimler and Volkswagen as well as top executives from BMW met in Washington with U.S. President Trump. Thereafter, the Manager will emphasize progress in the talks, VW wants to work together in the future, with Ford and possibly another factory in the USA build. At the Meeting, it went to the share of the auto companies on the US foreign trade deficit. Trump has been threatening for months with the introduction of punitive tariffs. the By Max Hägler and Claus Hulverscheidt, New York Max Hägler

Max Hägler is a Department editor at Business. Born in Munich, studied political science there. While the civil service structure of a publishing GmbH. For the election to the Bundestag 2005 he began to report as a country correspondent for the “taz” from Bavaria. Since the summer of 2008, he is in the süddeutsche Zeitung: as a Bayern correspondent in Regensburg, and later as a business correspondent for Baden-Württemberg.

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Claus Hulverscheidt completed send the Cologne school of journalism, and studied in parallel in Cologne Economics. He first worked as a business editor and political reporter at the news Agency Reuters in Bonn. In 1999, he joined with the government’s move to the newly founded Financial Times USA to Berlin, where he wrote on fiscal, budgetary and financial policy, and the Chancellor and the Federal Minister of Finance, on her travels around the world accompanied. In 2003, he took over the management of the FTD-domestic editorial Board, before he joined in 2007 as a Senior editor for economic policy and Deputy-chief to the Parliament, the office of the süddeutsche Zeitung . Since the mid-2015, he reported as a correspondent from New York.

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When they were come to the two faces of Donald Trump’s view from the vicinity, then it was worth the trip to Washington for Herbert Diess, Dieter Zetsche, and Nicolas Peter. On Tuesday afternoon, a view of the cell phone was enough, first, to the a, the better-known, side of the American experience presidents: “I am a man of duties,” he wrote in the short message service Twitter. Those who come to the USA to plunder you “” will be punished with import duties. They were “always the best way to maximize our economic Power”. Although trump’s related statements on China, but Diess, Zetsche and Peter, the chief of VW and Daimler and the chief financial officer of BMW, of course, know that the European car industry is under intensified observation of the “customs man”.

Shortly thereafter, however, the three German managers should get to know the ruckus-President of another, call market side and even personally. Really a lot smarter however, they were not after the brief Meeting in the White house, apparently. Diess said in front of journalists, he will believe that you have made in the meeting with Çerez Politikası Trump to take a step forward. Also, Zetsche expressed the hope that tariffs can be avoided. Diess also reiterated that VW was working on a Alliance with US car maker Ford and the construction of a second U.S. plant, come to think of it. BMW said in a written statement that you have made to the President the scope of their own activities in the United States and the “success story” of the plant in Spartanburg described. “Free trade has made this success story possible,” it said.

Trump has been threatening for months, an additional tax of 25 percent on the supply of cars and car parts from Europe. Reason for the high trade deficit of his country with the EU. That he receives top managers of the affected foreign companies in the White house, is quite unusual and shows that he has not decided on the tariff question, contrary to some of the different reports, apparently not yet final.

Diess, Zetsche and Peter were previously, individually, each of approximately 45 minutes with several leading US government representatives met. Announced Minister of the economy, Wilbur Ross, trump’s chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlow and the U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer. The reason for the individual interviews, among other things, concerns that there could be antitrust allegations against the corporations. Then it was according to data from groups of Participants of a joint Meeting of all the parties Involved, the “without warning” is a 30-minute conversation and a photo op with Trump followed./p>

the visit of The Manager was controversial

the visit of The Manager in Washington was quite controversial, as for trade and tariff talks with the United States alone, the EU Commission is responsible. In Brussels and Berlin there are fears that Trump has invited the Manager, but only to bring them against the Federal government and the Commission.

Minister of economy, Ross had invited the German car maker before the beginning of the Meeting, more wagons than to build so far in the United States. The company produced in their US plants, all at the capacity limit. However, rather than the factories expand, would passenger Cars and passenger Cars are imported parts from Europe. That is one reason for the huge trade deficit of the USA with Europe: Around 30 billion of the total deficit of 65 billion dollars went to the automotive industry. This is in addition to China, the greatest trade policy challenge for the Americans. “If we do not tackle the Problem of cars, car parts, and with China, we will achieve nothing,” said Ross. Trump keeps the high trade deficits of the country for a kind of national disgrace, although US companies – for instance, by outsourcing their manufacturing to China and contribute significantly.

Ross called on the German car manufacturers, new plants for the construction of electric Cars to locate primarily in the United States. It was for his government to be of the utmost importance. Ross’ Ministry has been working for months on a report to assess whether the large dependence of the United States of car imports to the national security is threatened. The finding of such a threat is a prerequisite for Trump additional duties may be imposed without consultation with the Congress. The report is currently being read by others with the subject ministries against and changed. Only then he will land on the Desk of the President. Ross recalled Trumps commitment that the United States would impose no duties, as long as the trade would be talks with the EU is progressing rapidly. The President had, however, complained recently on several occasions about the alleged lack of progress.