1. Why couldn’t a contestant get kicked out in the last episode “because of the storm”?

2. One model girl was ashamed of her small teeth and then apparently got bigger ones from her parents. But where do you buy big teeth?

3. Why does one participant NOT know the name of regular GNTM photographer Rankin after 17 (!) completed seasons, who after all photographed the Queen in addition to German wannabe models?

4. Why doesn’t anyone look like Lena Gercke anymore?

5. When will Heidi be replaced by her daughter?

Right at the beginning, Heidi Klum asks the models to introduce themselves with a “signature sentence”. So a 2023 version of “I’m Bine from Bochum, my hobby is my cat Simba and I want to be Miss Wet-T-Shirt so that I can buy a sofa with the prize money”. Panic breaks out, everyone thinks. Dramatic music, contestant Somajia comes out, babbling something about “Icon” and “Pretty”. Heidi Klum just squeaks, “Why did you say that phrase in English?” Maybe because you asked for a SIGNATURE phrase? Oh well. And Rankin just calls out to every (!) candidate “Pose! Pose! Action!” Did he do the same with the Queen?

When models were still being introduced in forever long videos. Meaningful statements (“I can be a bitch when something bothers me”) and gross moments (“I’m getting ready for work now, see you later”).

Suddenly hectic music, fast camera movements and the candidate Elsa, who courageously confronts her competitors with a violent accusation. Someone is said to have said that she had the “worst walk” of the day. What a disgusting defamation. Great excitement in the sofa corner and at the adjacent table tennis table. The most important sentence of the explosive discussion: “What’s your name?”

melina First fell, then flown out, that gives pity followers.

Are there really no children living in Zehlendorf?

(As described by candidate Anya, who grew up in the posh district of Berlin and didn’t have a single girlfriend because, apart from her, only pensioners allegedly lived there)

“I have the virus.”

(Klum’s coronavirus hadn’t been official before, and it brought a new level of dramatic music to Pro7 after the outing. And the models had to complete a shoot without her)

This episode can only dream of that! The few falls definitely don’t shock anyone anymore.

Maybe nobody for the first time. Or Ida!

Definitely Slata! In her own estimation, she gets and creates everything she wants. But it doesn’t work right away with the signature sentence challenge. Perfect jungle imbalance between claim and reality.

Clemens Richter usually deals with sport privately and professionally – and prefers to use a pseudonym here. Because he usually watches tennis matches all night long, not model fights. The editors know what his real name is – and that he was secretly smitten with Lena Gercke when season one was running.