On October 7, 2023, Orion Hernandez-Radoux was at the Tribe of Nova festival, in the Negev desert, five kilometers from the Gaza Strip, when Hamas terrorists swept into Israel by air and land to sow seeds. the death. The 32-year-old Franco-Mexican was taken hostage and brought to the Palestinian territory under blockade.

This Friday, the IDF announced in a press release that it had found him dead in the Gaza Strip. The bodies of two other hostages were also found.

This father of a two-year-old child, whose name is tattooed in Arabic on his chest, had gone to Israel with a “group of friends who were traveling the summer festival circuit”, explained to Le Figaro shortly after his kidnapping one of his loved ones. Among them was his girlfriend, Shani Louk, a 22-year-old German-Israeli, whose body was found at the end of October in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli army.

On October 7, the young woman was filmed, her body dislocated and half naked, lying in the back of a pick-up in the middle of a jubilant and furious Palestinian crowd, shouting “Allah Akbar ”, while the jeep drove off in a cloud of dust.

Orion Hernandez-Radoux was a music producer and event organizer. He had his own music festival. “He also promoted the indigenous Mexican art of the Huichole people (people living in west-central Mexico, editor’s note), which is psychedelic in nature and therefore popular on the psytrance scene,” reported one of his relatives to Le Figaro .

The man, who lived for many years in France, where he notably attended primary school, was one of the last three French hostages still held in the Gaza Strip. Two men, fathers, are still in the hands of Islamist groups: Ofer Kalderon, 53, and Ohad Yahalomi, 49.

“I learn with immense sadness of the death of our compatriot Orión Hernández-Radoux (…) I think of his family and those close to him. We are at their side, reacted on X Emmanuel Macron. France remains more than ever committed to the release of all the hostages.”