Breaking News: Three Injured in Serious Accident in Sint Isidorushoeve

On June 9th, at 10:38, we bring you the latest 112 news in Overijssel. Here is an overview of accidents, fires, and crimes that occurred on Sunday, June 9th in our province.

A serious accident occurred on the Goorseweg in Sint-Isidorushoeve at the end of the afternoon, resulting in three people being injured. The full story can be found here. Additionally, a deceased person was found in Gramsbergen this morning, as reported by the police. The complete article can be read here.

Thanks to a smoke detector, residents of a house on Horst in Hasselt were able to detect a fire in the bathroom in time. Short circuiting had occurred, causing the plumbing to be completely burnt. A socket in the attic had also started smoldering. The smoke detectors helped prevent a larger fire, although the damage to the house was significant, as a wall had to be opened up. The entire house also suffered from heavy smoke and soot damage. One of the residents was examined by ambulance personnel for smoke inhalation but did not need to be taken to the hospital.

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