In the public dispute, the ill Secretary of state for transport, Jens-Holger Kirchner (Green) on the verge of a solution that, apparently, all three coalition partners can live with. According to the daily mirror Kirchner on Tuesday will be sent to the transport and environment Senator Regine Günther (independent) proposed, in temporary retirement. But he should get the binding to get to his full recovery in the transport authority, senior Position. At the same time, the Senate will follow the wishes of günther’s welfare, to appoint the officers in the Federal consumer, Ingmar Streese, the new Secretary of state.

Pops alone party provided internally for Trouble

the proposal by The economic Senator, Ramona Pop (Green), Kirchner would remain Secretary of state and instead Streese on a different, new artists are told, is Klasbahis off the table. Apparently Pop has voted on Friday, this surprising idea, neither his own party nor with the government partners, the SPD and the Left. Not with the Senate Chancellery. You should only have the Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (SPD), after civil service asked him for an opportunity to solve the Problem. With your own Pop, so it was said, party internally powerful Trouble.

now, apparently, the compromise that was reached to keep the cancer Kirchner is a professional-political perspective that has been transmitted by the Green-land the heads of Nina Stahr and Werner Graf on Sunday, the outgoing Secretary of state, refusing any contact with the Senator Guenther. In Senate circles, it was stressed that there Streese absolutely it would be unfair to the commitment for the Secretary of state Post to take back in the short term. Especially since currently difficult to estimate, could be, when Kirchner’s work is actually capable of.

Kirchner could start work in October, 2019

According to the internally traded information Kirchner to March is in chemotherapy, he then goes to the summer in rehab and could record in October 2019, if all goes well, back to work. Then in a new function. By the transition of funds and officials supply he was financially covered for two years. She wanted to apply the Green politician from Pankow, the as-profiled and highly competent traffic expert, perspective like to continue to work, to Günther have internally assured.

the announcement by The transport Senator, to send their Secretary of state, in retirement, was in last week with government and opposition politicians, met with transportation experts and in professional and business associations, lack of understanding and indignation. She was accused of completely insensitive with Kirchner’s illness. The Green-district chief Jens Haustein wrote in a letter to members that he was “surprised and disappointed”. Also, the Green-tip said in an internal party Letter and called Kirchner “is irreplaceable for us.”

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Berlin traffic management Green Kirchner want to. now, however, as Secretary of state

Lorenz Maroldt Ulrich Zawatka-Gerlach

on the Other hand, retain was expressed in the Green understanding for the Problem of the Senator Günther, to have for a long time, no functional traffic area in your administration The staff and the other tasks of a competent state Secretary Stefan Tidow were completely overloaded. The creation of a third Secretary of state-would have to could create a remedy, but that the Senate rejected, according to reports.