As the 25-year-old Danish rapper Anna Vigsø in the end of november together with his brother and sister invited their mother on a three-day pleasure in the German city of Hamburg, it evolved quickly into an unforgettable journey.

the Trip to Hamburg was a birthday present to her mother, who reached the age of 50 years. Anna had rented an apartment centrally located in Hamburg through Airbnb, but when the family stepped into the apartment, gaped the over the sight that met them. In the middle of the apartment’s bedroom there was a large sex-cross with the whip, and the straps and clamps. And around in the apartment, there were porn movies on the shelves as well as pictures of naked ladies. The family simply had, without knowing it, rented in a brothel in the Reeperbahn, which is the main street for the so-called ‘Red Light District’ of Hamburg. It is an area where it is littered with sex shops and brothels and prostitutes.

It writes multiple media including B. T. And the story has also reached all the way to England, where the great newspaper the Daily Mail have placed the story.

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There were pictures of naked women in several places in the apartment, as Anna and her family had rented in Hamburg. (Photo: Anna Vigsø)

the Extra Leaf has also been in contact with Anna Vigsø, who tells the following:

– I see it all as a shocking but fun experience that I wanted to share with my followers. The story has gone viral, which Canlı Bahis of course is funny enough.

On his instagramprofil Anna posted a picture of sex-the cross in the bedroom in Hamburg. For the picture, she has written the following:

‘My siblings and I have invited my mother to Hamburg in three days. We were probably just overlooked, that we have booked a room at a brothel. #Hello mother. #Family time.’

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My siblings and I have invited my mother to Hamburg in 3 days. We were probably just overlooked, that we have booked a room at a brothel #hejmor #family time

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Anna and her two siblings and mother decided to get the best out of the mini-holiday in Hamburg, although it started with a bit of a shock. It was three nice days in the German city. And fortunately it was the brothel quite well soundproofed, so the Danish family was not awakened in time and drop out of the lagengymnastik that was going around in the other room.

Anna Vigsø was known as the first woman who qualified for the MC’s Fight Night in 2010 and 2011 to ago Natasja. She released her debut EP ‘Under the surface’ in 2016. In 2017, she published the follow-up single ‘Break’.

On a small table stood a sculpture of a naked man with a small penis. (Photo: Anna Vigsø)

Here is Anna Vigsø in the period in which she was current with the album ‘Beneath the surface’, which was produced in collaboration with DJ Noize. (Photo: Polfoto)