Canadian authorities have arrested huawei’s cfo of the United states authorities upon request. Pictured Huawei cfo Meng Wanzhou in Moscow in October 2014. AOP

huawei’s cfo Meng Wanzhou , also known as Sabrina Meng and Cathy Meng has been arrested in Vancouver, Canada, 1. December, told the Canadian ministry of justice. Meng’s arrest news coverage by several news agencies.

according to the BBC, Meng was arrested at the Bahis Siteleri airport. He was sought for extradition to the united states to respond to the possible abuse, the content of which has so far not released further details.

Us media have previously reported that the company is being investigated for potential sanctions against Iran for violation.

Meng is the chinese network equipment and phone manufacturer, huawei based on the daughter.