TV2-host Lene Beier is right now on vacation in Cambodia with his family, but the long flytur there from the Denmark scenario is far from without problems.

After mellemlandet in Singapore rose Lene Beier, together with her husband and two sons on a new plane and headed for Cambodia, and Siem Reap. But on the plane everything went far ra according to plan. After 15 minutes in the air it would turn to sikkerhedslande.

It tells Lene Beier on his Instagram profile.

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Some beer tastes just better than andreIsær after 24 hours of travel with 5 hours of delay due to sikkerhedslanding in Singapore (something we with fear of flying loves!!! ), a little hectic flight to Siem Reap, where we subsequently missed our computer on the plane The whole washed down with lack of sleep and swollen leg. But now we have arrived and the heating tropeaften, the food and our hotel is wonderful #cambodia #holiday #family

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For Extra Magazine she explains that it was a technical fault on the plane, which meant that the pilots had to turn back. Lidyabet Due to the unforeseen stop, she was and the family five hours delayed on their journey.

– Any technique failed, so the plane had to turn around after 15 minutes. There was no drama, in addition to in my head. We never got an explanation, but I’m glad that they chose to sikkerhedslande for safety’s sake, says Lene Beier.

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As Lene Beier suffer from fear of flying, she was very creepy and easier panic when she was told that the plane had to turn back.

– I responded the not so appropriate just at the moment. I’m not crazy about flying. So I became quiet and concentrated on my breathing, for we were on the ground again. I’m trying to work with my fear of flying, because I love to travel, and because I so reluctantly will give my boys a perception that it is dangerous to fly, says Lene Beier.

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When the ‘Farmer looking for love’ once again are sent, in 2019, it will be with a new series abroad, where Lene Beier is hosted. Photo: TV2

Although she and the family could look forward to a long flight immediately after the sikkerhedslandingen, where they had to wait four hours to set a new planes available, so is it to fly the only way, Lene Beier can combat his fear of flying.

– I is the o.k. not to know what went into pieces. It is best for me to get up on the horse with the same thing again and fly, sounds from Lene Beier.

She enjoys now to be in Siem Reap with his family, where they must keep a nice, long vacation.

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The popular TV2-host raises the currently a lot, since she is in time with the recordings to the ‘Farmer looking for love – around the world’, which will be sent on TV2 in the new year.

Here the danes can follow three farmers from, respectively, Uganda, Portugal and Australia in their pursuit of love with a Danish woman.