Technology and growth company event Slush main event was held at the Helsinki fair centre 4.-5. December. This looks round Slush through in two minutes.

This is an updated version of the Finnish Carnival.

It is the first thought, when marching in the Slush event in Helsinki fair centre. Or if there is the Finnish Carnival, so the youth of the popular Weekend Festival. Colored lights and lasers is that, that someone can be afraid of losing their sight.

But no, this is European one of the largest and most important growth business and technology events and here is a happening place! It’s a lot of talk about the buzz is in the open.

the Slush stage seem futuristic, the draft of the bridge, which could of course expect to see the technology happening, if it held, say, Las Vegas or Tokyo. Now, however, the Finnish capital and showing that the event is all hulppeudesta the startup culture Dinamobet at the heart – or maybe it’s just there hulppeudesta due.

exhibition center organized the technology and growth company event Slush this year was once again higher than ever. There were 3 100 startup companies and up to 1 800 investors. The event was attended by two days a total of about 20 000 people, i.e. about Sipoo population.

Visitors arrive at estimates that more than 130 countries. The main event in addition to the Slush was organized over three hundred events.

the Event will bring to Helsinki a huge amount of the kind of people who would not otherwise come here. They bring direct a lot of turnover in restaurants and hotels. Indirectly, they increase the interest in Helsinki, which different routes will turn into jobs and tax revenue, Helsinki mayor Jan Vapaavuori comment evening the leaves on the ground.

check out the video below, what kind of buzz at Slush this year was.

slush’s speech for watching don’t need to go near the stage, for the speaker bigger view several different screens in the stage vicinity. Samppa Rautio