Police in London are calling for with picture a only nine-year-old girl who has been missing since she the last time was seen for ca. 10 months ago the 21. February. It was then the girl seen when she was picked up by a taxi in west London.

But the mystery spreads in the case, because the police also do not now want to publish the girl’s name, which is still being kept secret out of consideration for the investigations.

It writes multiple media including Metro and Daily Mail

the Police two days ago put a post out on Twitter with a picture of the nine-year-old girl. It is a faded, blurred image, where the girl is more or less inaudible. The case of a passport picture. To the image writing police:

‘We appeals now again to the witnesses with a view to helping to find the nine-year-old girl, who disappeared on Wednesday, 21. February. Here was a child, as can be seen in the image, picked up by a taxi at Beresford Road in Southall. We are still looking for a taxi driver and want information about where the child might Liderbahis be. Can you help?

the Police have stated that they only publish details of the case, ten months after, because the use of media in some cases often is the last opportunity, to throw himself over.

the Ride has been described as being yellow or white. And the taxi-driver has been described as a man with dark skin. possibly from Sri Lanka. Police urge the driver to sign up, so the police can get the information about where the nine-year-old girl was set by the taxi.

A spokesman from Scotland Yard has stated the following in the case:

– This case has been thoroughly investigated. And we are in contact with the other departments of the police in trying to find the girl.