area: in the 9.23 km2 (39th out of 96)
population: 84 890 (11th place out of 96)
average age: 38,9 (Berlin: 42,7)
local celebrities: , Rudolph de Weddinge (Gutsgründer), Ernst Schering (company founder)
Feels like the middle of: Leopoldplatz

first of all: The old question of which preposition belongs to the District of Wedding, can’t answer this Text, the last valid. Here is a list of commonly discussed variants, in the perceived order of their popularity: 1. in the Wedding; 2. on / uff’m Wedding; 3. in Wedding; 4. at the Wedding. Search what. To each his own Wedding.

More or less uncontroversial, however, is that the Wedding is “coming from”. You can hear the decades, it has become the Berlin commonplace that the Wedding neighborhood is on the verge of the breakthrough to the next Hip. As the cliché has led to the independence so much so that by the “Coming” of the Weddings, probably the speech will be when the Hipster caravan has swept the Hamlet of long ago.

Because, of course, the Wedding is long since – and probably nowhere so well as in the “Falafel Dream”, a converted BVG-Bus, of 1977, for a couple of years at the Miller road Park. In amazement I watched as there customers with the really sharp 90s hairstyles your meat-free Sandwiches with the British Barclays credit cards paid.

The owner of the bus, a Jordanian Palestinian named Wael Thib, replied, almost, when I asked him what the “Coming” of the Weddings else to do. “Kebab is more expensive,” he said. The Turkish snacks at the Miller street would have adjusted their prices to the new audience.

Wael adapted rather his map. To distinguish he had converted, for a time, even completely vegan: no Halloumi and no Ayran, nothing. “But then,” he recalled with a sigh, “came the Hardcore Vegans”. Great Store, they said – and asked Wael, how long he might live because even already vegan. As he explained to them that he was personally neither Youwin a Vegan nor a vegetarian, because he could not imagine a life without meat at all, it went off. “Murderers!”, the a called. “You’re taking advantage of Vegans!”, the other roared. “Your bad energy passes to the food!”, shouted a third. At the end of Wael resumed Halloumi and Ayran on the map and überpinselte on the Bus the word “vegan” with “vegetarian-vegan”. Since then, the wedding Hardcore went to eat-Vegan somewhere else. “Now is the “normal” Vegans only,” said Wael. “With which one can live.”

Historical wedding view more images of 1 of 18Foto: Ralf Schmiedecke23.02.2017 11:17Leben “Uff’m Wedding” and around the “Plumpe” – the former Hertha Stadion am Gesundbrunnen. Ralf blacksmith corner in his…Back Further,

has been in the Wedding and sometimes vegan trains. Three streets of the African district, to change according to the will of the district administration the names because they are named after controversial figures of the German colonial era. Something of the situation in the case of Peter alley, whose namesake Carl Peters was so clearly unacceptable racist, that already in 1986, the then CDU-led the district administration to rename it by rank: It is said, St. Peter’s Avenue is named immediately after Hans Peters, a deserved Christian Democrats of the post-war period. is confused Now, it is unclear to whom a further renaming actually use or would damage.

now, Before someone asks: no, the müller street, in the Berlin SPD is Central, is not named after a well-earned social Democrats of the present. But after the wind mills until the 19th century. Century dominated the Wedding.

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