Due to incorrect labelling of a still unknown number of packs of the anti-baby pill “Trigoa”. Because some of them can be marked By blisters in the back the wrong way, threatened to unwanted pregnancies, told the Berlin state office for health and social Affairs (Lageso), as the competent Supervisory authority. According to the manufacturer, Pfizer, has a low number “of packages is concerned”. In which of the länder, the affected batches were distributed to patients, is still unclear.

order taking

“Trigoa” according to Pfizer spokeswoman Susanne Straetmans, a three-phase preparation in which the pills are dosed differently to high and, accordingly, are different colored. Because of the dosage, the order of taking the tablets is not important.

callback period is extended

The Lageso, announced on late Friday afternoon, the women, the between 27. November and 3. December have received the contraceptive “Trigoa” from the affected batches X34106, X51153 and W98332, to give back to the drug through pharmacies.

On Monday, it was published on the Website of the Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM) a note, which asks Doctors and pharmacists to warn women, “active”, the between 27. November and 6. December could have redeemed a recipe for “Trigoa”. The callback period is extended to three days.
The recall could also affect women, those on the pill prior to the 27. November has been prescribed, because prescriptions can be supplied for up to three months, it said in the from the BfArM published information.

Just a few Trigoa pills in circulation

How many packs which contain three by the recall affected batches, could not say a Pfizer spokeswoman Straetmans at the request of the daily mirror on Monday morning. Pfizer assume that “a small number of packs Germany was widely given to patients.”

It was an older contraceptives with a very low market share, said Straetmans on Saturday. “Today, micro-pills are going through the same dose use.” Since it was not on the receipt in the correct order.

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to reach The Lageso, was at the weekend for comment. (with dpa)