The 44-year-old egyptian actress Rania Youssef will probably thought about it for a second time, before she takes her black dress with the transparent bottom, which she was wearing in connection with the Cairo Film Festival in Egypt. ‘The dress’ and the story is smoked around the world, because Rania Youssef has subsequently been charged with ‘offensive behaviour’ and ‘invitation to sin’

Rania Youssef may, according to the AFP receive up to five years in prison in connection with the matter to be handled by the egyptian judiciary 12. January.

It writes multiple media, including the BBC, AhramOnline, and the New York Post.

Here is Rania Youssef in the dress, which is transparent at the bottom, so you can see her legs. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

the Picture of the black transparent dress was quickly spread on social media in Egypt and then on to the rest of the world. In Egypt the dress is outraged many people, but there are also some who believe that of course she can wear what she want to.

the Accusations were made by the two lawyers Amro Adelsalam and Samir Sabri, who is known to go for well-known egyptians in connection with the litigation.

Samir Sabri said to the AFP:

– Rania Youssefs outing did not live up to the social values and the common morality and to undermine the festival’s reputation and egyptian women’s rumor, says Samir Sabri.

Rania Youssef has subsequently been out to apologize for her naughty dress. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

Actor-a syndicate in Egypt also criticized some of the guests ‘ outing, which was to undermine the festival.


Rania Youssef has issued a press release in respect of all the egyptian families, who were angry over the dress. She added that the fashion designers and experts ‘ opinions often influence the choice of dresses, and that they had taken into account the fact that the dress was worn in the context of an international festival.

I reiterate my commitment to the values and the morals that we grew up with in the egyptian society, and which I will always respect, explained Rania Youssef and added that she hopes everyone will understand her good intentions and her unwillingness to make people angry.

Rania Youssef concluded by saying that she appreciates his membership of the actors ‘ syndicate and its role in the context of information and protection of values and the defense of art and the artists.

In Egypt, Rania Youssef, among other things known for several roles in television series, including ‘Haj Metwally’, ‘Ahl Cairo’ and ‘Kaeno Embareh’.

With the purpose of movies is Rania Youssef, known for the films ‘Zahaimer’ from 2010, ‘An Ant’s Cry from the 2011 and ‘A Complete One’ from 2011.

Here you can see the dress from behind. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

Rania Youssef also gained support on social media. On Twitter writing Lamainie the following:

‘Some people just can’t appreciate. Egyptian lawyers have accused Rania Youssef to look very good. Well done my girl.’