Theater aan Zee has been introduced with the theme ‘Take me with you, over waves and generations’.

Marijke Pinoy will be on stage with her mother, children, and grandchildren, performing a choreography to a song by Arno, as well as a circus performance in a silo. These are just a few of the many shows offered at Theater aan Zee in Oostende. The festival will take place this summer from July 31st to August 10th. The theme for this year is ‘Take me with you, over waves and generations’.

With ‘Take me with you, over waves and generations’, Theater aan Zee has chosen a theme that everyone can relate to. Actress Marijke Pinoy said, “It is a beautiful theme because it is so lifelike.”

In addition to the usual performances, there will be several premieres at TAZ this summer. There will also be plenty to discover. Young bands will be performing at Fort Napoleon, and 10 graduation performances have been selected. This year, there will be a lot of circus performances as well. Danny Ronaldo will be performing in Leopold Park, where children can enjoy the show every day.

Theater aan Zee will begin on July 31st and last for ten days. This year’s festival promises to be a vibrant and diverse celebration of art and performance, with something for everyone to enjoy.