The career of Uber and Lyft to see who comes before to Wall Street is launched. The two alternative services to the taxi delivered this week to the regulator stock market the application to start trading. They did it by the way is confidential, so it is unknown at this time the money we hope to raise, the actions that they’re going to put it and at what price, which will give a valuation of the companies.

Lyft announced on Thursday that it had submitted its proposal to the SEC for a quote at some point in 2019. In the case of Uber, it became known already in the night of Friday. Are coupled to Airbnb one of the greatest unicorns, as they are known to emerging companies with a valuation of over 1,000 million dollars. The only reference to their valuation of what they raised in funding rounds.

In the case of Lyft, Betxlarge it is estimated that it is worth about 15,000 billion and has amongst its investors to General Motors. To not quote, is not obligated to present results. The confidential process allows you to move forward in the process that will take you to Wall Street without having to disclose the detail of the accounts, until a more advanced stage. Its rival Uber is much more valuable, about 70,000 million, and is backed by Toyota.

Despite the enthusiasm generated by the two companies of mobility among the investors, their businesses are not profitable and are in need of liquidity to finance its expansion as well as to develop technologies as the driving autonomously. The arrival on Wall Street, they could provide an infusion of additional liquidity and its first owners will be able to recover the initial investment.

even Though it takes time in anticipation of this double movement, not surprising that the two companies to present their proposals at the same time, in a time when the equity markets are experiencing high volatility, which is punishing especially to technology companies. Neither Lyft nor Uber have a set schedule to give the expected leap to Wall Street.