MejlaDaniel Swedin+ FÖLJÅSIKTBekvämt with the taxi, when voters pay Aftonbladet leader board independent social democratic.Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT / TT NYHETSBYRÅNLEDARE

It does not seem to be any moderatregering but policy development in the country’s leading party has not stopped falling for it. In a week, it is stated that the moderate mp Edward Riedl suggested that the taxi fares will be covered by the rut-deduction.

– As I see it, is the taxi part of public transportation in Sweden and you need to both bet on taxis, flights and other public transport, ” says Riedl in an interview with the ETC.

Taken from the poor given to the rich

Well, you can order any part part see taxis as part of public transport but the rut deduction are funded in a completely different way than the public transport. Invoice model for the rut-deduction means that Tax accounts for a large part of the bill. Money already paid in tax goes to the people that want to have cleaned at home or have their fruit trees cropped.

And to make the rut-deduction, one must have a certain income, because it is a tax deduction. People with low income have no chance to get the full deduction. To get it you have to make about 220 000 a year. On the other hand, everyone has to pay for the deductions, which, according to the moderaten Riedl, therefore, should include people’s taxikvitton.

Riedl in good company

another moderate who has warm feelings for the taxi fares is Ulf Kristersson.

Just before he became leader of the Conservatives in the last year revealed TV4 to Kristersson is a very diligent taxiresenär. During the two years he had gone for 113 000 sek, it seems, often in violation of parliamentary rules. During the examined years, Kristersson taken a taxi the whole 668 times, despite the fact that, in all cases except three was the opportunity to travel by public transport.

the Trip member Kristersson often made was between övernattningslägenheten at the city Hall on the Kungsholmen island and the parliament building in the Old town. There is a bus at eleven minutes, or one metro ride within three minutes. Kristersson also took a engaged from the Swedish parliament to Stockholm’s central station. It is a walk of 10 minutes.

”I will also travel collectively quite a lot of course. And it does not look you in the reseräkningarna,” said Kristersson when he was asked questions about its travel.

”Well, we see you have an SL card and that there are many travel on it,” said Gorabet TV4’s journalist.

”Oh the legs I go, in that case,” said Kristersson, but to tremble at the cuff.

the Fight is not over the

of course, It is convenient to take a taxi, especially if someone else pays. It has both the Ulf Kristersson and Edward Riedl understood. But if it will be cheaper to go by taxi – which after all would be the effect of Riedls proposal, so understand that Kristersson want to go statsrådsbil. Status is, after all, relative.