Father’s day+ FÖLJFars day – time to celebrate all the pappor10 tips on gifts for father’s dagHÄRLIGT at HOME

Surprise pappsen with a gift on father’s day. Here are ten tips that may suit your dad.

Father’s day 2018

It is approaching father’s day, and in Sweden there are over 2 500 000 dads to celebrate, so it can be a substantial kalasande. Father’s day began to be celebrated in Sweden in 1931, beginning in June, but in order not to clash with mother’s day so was moved the day to the second Sunday in november at the request of the nordic handelsamfundet.

A commercial stunt, some people are nuts. But dad will probably be just as happy, or even happier, for a homemade jar of jam, a egenritad subscription, a phone call or a group of långpromenaden. But, if you still want to spend a bit of money and turn it into something in a package, here are ten suggestions for gifts that might suit your dad.

Termosmugg: Gift ideas for father’s day 2018

termosmugg that does not leak and keeps the heat is always good. ”To go mug” from Eva Solo is available in several different colors. 249 sek, the Baker and the chef.

Reflexes: Gift ideas for father’s day 2018

Reflexes that are easy to attach and move. Buttons Pinbahis with reflextyg and with a skewer on the back that makes it easy to attach or move. Water – and cold-resistant. 149 usd/2 pcs, Smart things.

Narrow the hanger ”Branch” from the Maze: gift ideas for father’s day 2018

Narrow the hanger ”Branch” from the Maze utilizes the height and does not take much place. 950 sek, design online.

Vase for blombuketterna: gift ideas for father’s day 2018

A stately indigo dyed vase for blombuketterna . Hammershöi, 499 sek, of Cervera.

Sakfinnare: gift ideas for father’s day 2018

Sakfinnare “trackR” with bluetooth help dad find stuff that will easily remove. Attach the transmitter on the keys, the wallet, or what he now tends to fritter away. Turn on bluetooth and activate the ”trackR” with the cell phone so he sees where the thing is. 365 kr, www.presenter.se

Satakes julienne: gift ideas for father’s day 2018

Finstrimla the vegetables with the Satakes julienne . 149 sek, Kitchentime.

Nanopresso: gift ideas for father’s day 2018

Clear the father would like to have an espresso on the golf course or skogsturen. With a Nanopresso it is easily fixed. Download with hot water, coffee powder or a nespressokapsel. 1 095 sek, Cool stuff.

Slippers: gift ideas for father’s day 2018

Not dad’s freezing on the feet. Heat the slippers in the microwave for 1.5 minutes, linfröfyllningen retain heat. 220 kr, Bluebox

Grooming kit for beard: gift ideas for father’s day 2018

Now is the end on the offensive and tangled beard.

Grooming kit for beard and a mustache in your pocket. 299, Bluebox.

Muminmuggen ”Light Snowfall”: gift ideas for father’s day 2018

Muminmuggen ”Light Snowfall” is sold in limited edition right now and is a perfect fit for fikastunden. 249 sek, Design online.