A cat can spend up to a quarter of its waking hours to keep the coat clean, and the characteristic rough kattetunge is supereffektiv to remove dirt and vermin.

Now, researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta conducted a thorough analysis of the cat’s tongue. They have found several reasons as to why the tongue is so good to provide moisture and luster to the coat and developed a hairbrush after tungens principles. It writes the Science Alert according to the Science.dk

the Brush is called TIGR (abbreviation of the tongue-inspired grooming), it requires quite a few effort to use, and then it is easy to clean.

But before you want you the in christmas, you must know that the (unfortunately) are made for cats.

It is good news for katteejerne, but it can also be a really good news for katteallergikere.

the Researchers investigated a particular type of small ‘buds’, the papillae, which are on the cat’s tongue. These are tiny, made of keratin and shaped like a kind of small spoons.

video recording in high-speed and CT-scans, among others, have shown how the papilerne on kattetungen can lead 4,1 mikroliter saliva from the mouth and out in the Sekabet papillernes ends.

Half of this spytmængde ends in the coat of each candy.

on Top of the purchase can papillerne vary in length, depending on what the cat uses his tongue to, and under the care, hence they can be so long that they reach through the coat and down to the cat’s skin.

In the study to have investigated kattetunger at six different kattearter, from housecat to lion, and identified four stages, which constitute a candy in the cat’s care, hence:

Tungeforlængelse Tungeudvidelse and vævsafstivning A ‘sweep’ through the coat, the Withdrawal of heavy duty

the Researchers have simply 3D-printed artificial papillae, which is magnified four times up, and placed them on a piece of flexible silicone.

Papillerne can rotate, so as to avoid that the coat sammenfiltrer.

It is the researchers ‘ hope that the brush can be used to treat cats with rensecremer and medicine – optimally will be able to remove the allergens from kattepels.

the Protein Fel d 1, found in large quantities in the cat’s saliva, has previously been associated with allergies. With a greater knowledge about how it is spread, perhaps you can reduce allergic reactions in the future.

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