Major change at Airbnb. On Monday, the American platform announced the upcoming ban on surveillance cameras in its rental accommodation. A new rule which will come into force on April 30. “Airbnb authorized the installation of security cameras in interior spaces such as common areas of accommodation, provided that their presence was clearly indicated in the description of the ad,” the company recalled in a press release.

Guests will therefore no longer be allowed to have surveillance cameras and recording systems in the interior spaces of a dwelling (such as a hallway, bedroom, bathroom, living room) or house. “hosts, even if these devices are turned off,” Airbnb then detailed. Owners are, however, “not required to indicate the presence of surveillance cameras and recording systems that are not under their control,” such as in the lobby of a building. However, the platform “encourages” them to “inform” them.

If these restrictions will be in force inside its properties, Airbnb will still allow cameras outside, which must be indicated on the ad, and whose use will be much more regulated. Some private areas, such as private outdoor showers or saunas, will not be able to be filmed. From the end of April, “any violation of these rules brought to our attention will be subject to review and potential sanctions up to the deletion of the ad or account.”