Prince Philip ajointo shows no sign of abating.Rebel steel grandpa to see the car again behind the wheel. In the photo of prince Philip looking at the car sitting in the royal horse show in January 2018. EPA

, 97, a famous oak in the crash tiepöly you have barely landed, when the steel grandpa, I heard another news. Philip got into a car accident earlier this year near the royal family’s Sandringham space. After suffering minor injuries the prince handed over under the pressure from the crash after his license away – and rightly so.

Driving ambition has by no means disappeared. Now witnesses tell spot that he had his own tyrmistyksekseen prince Philip once again drive in the royal estates car without a seat belt. The Sun notes that Philip need a license to drive when on private land.

He drove to Windsor great park, when the queen Elizabeth was at the same time, St. George’s chapel in worship.

I Was really surprised that I saw the prince run to Land the Rover on the river bank. He did not use a seat belt, and you would think that he would be after the crash learned that lesson, witness the wonders of The Sun.

But he is 97 years, isn’t it care!

the Prince’s January accident, which also related to two women and a small child, sparked a big firestorm in the Uk. Immediately after the accident, the prince continued drive of the other car, but gave up under pressure in the end his license away.

Source: The Sun.