Would be an Exit from the Brexit still possible? MEPs want clarity before they vote on Tuesday on the Deal. Today, the European court of justice issues its judgment.

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How does the exit from the European Union?

in Accordance with article 50 of the EU Treaty, any member state may decide, in accordance with his constitutional right to withdraw from the EU. This intention of the member state to the EU Council to share what the United Kingdom on the 29. March 2017 has done. As of this date period will run for a two year, during which they may be negotiated an exit agreement.

If this deadline has expired – so on 29. March 2019 – enters the UK from the EU; regardless of whether an exit agreement is concluded or not.

in theory the member States Jestbahis could agree on an earlier date for a Brexit. You can extend the deadline, Vice versa also. This requires, however, unanimity.