Mick Jagger, 75, and film producer Noor Alpha relationship has run its course. Women now find the new gold.Mick Jagger presented the Noor Alpha the fall of 2017.

Rolling stones frontman Mick Jagger is the british press of the data, again a single man. The Daily Mail reports that Jagger and Noor Alpha divorced after three years of courtship. A couple was 52 years difference in age.

Mick Jagger is according to the press once again single. epa/aop

Alfa has according to press reports, already the new darling, with whom he has been dating for several months now. Women thrives today, a billionaire in Nicolas Berggruen , 57, and he has shared a picture on social media. The duo is spotted together with, inter alia, art show in Los Angeles and summer in Capri and St Tropez.

German-american Berggruen is rich in real estate transactions and he is known as an investor and philanthropist.

Forbes know to tell the wealthy art collector’s son,the Berggruen, the value of the property to be around $ 1.7 billion, or about 1.5 billion euros. Man owns thousands Neyine of apartments in portland, Oregon, as well as 70 retail properties in Germany. The real estate business of life a man owns real estate also in Israel, Turkey, Singapore and India.

jagger’s fortune pales clearly parallel, since The Sun estimates a man of fortune spinning to 300 million euros around.

Social media has been injected to note that the Alfa has a clear framework, the ideal man. Jagger and berggruen’s facial features are very similar.

in This picture the Alpha posing Berggruen (right). If the image does not appear, you can watch it here.

This last spring in the captured image in the Alpha posing Jaaggerin with (on the left). If the image does not appear, you can watch it here.