Voetbalclub Eendracht Aalst Denied License for Second and Third National Divisions

Eendracht Aalst won the championship in the Second National division this season, which is the fourth level in Belgian football. However, it was revealed last month that the club is not allowed to promote to the first division. The Belgian Arbitration Court for Sports (BAS) ruled that the club does not meet the requirements of a top amateur club in Flanders for the upcoming season.

Despite being able to obtain a license for the Second and Third National divisions, Eendracht Aalst has also been denied due to the club’s concerning financial situation. “Aalst did not obtain the license for a regional amateur club as decided by the inspection committee,” said spokesperson Nand De Klerck from Voetbal Vlaanderen.
“The reason will be made public on Wednesday. As a result, the highest level Aalst can play on their registration number is First Provincial. However, an appeal against this decision at the Belgian Arbitration Court for Sports (BAS) is still possible.”

After being taken over by Turkish investors, Aalst went through a turbulent period. The management of the first team was placed under provisional administration for a brief period, but the board managed to rectify the situation.