This year’s Lifesaver+ FÖLJPRESENTERAS AVEttåriga Alice held on to the choke – saved by the AnnikaSVENSKA HEROES

Alice, a-year-old, put a piece of apple in my throat, and quickly became unconscious.

Mother Paulina, 24, was panic on the street and cried for help.

“I shouted to my daughter not breathing and that I needed help,” says Paulina.

Last Thursday left the Paulina Calkin and her one-year daughter Alice apartment in central Gothenburg in order to shop for dinner. On the way to the grocery store, put Alice in the stroller and ate an apple.

– She had had a cold a few days earlier, ” says Paulina Calkin.

in the Middle of a chew, suddenly, Alice a coughing fit. Paulina tried to help Piabet his daughter by hitting her on the back, but räddningsmanövern had no impact. Stay continued to cough more.

– Then I moved her from the cart to my knee and banged still more on her back, ” she says.

Photo: PrivatPaulina Calkin work as a model, and crowned the 2015 Miss Sweden. Alice was about to die

the Battles in the back continued to effektlösa. Card later became Alice unconscious. Paulina was now standing alone on the street outside the residence with his daughter, who was about to die in her arms.

Paulina panicked and tried to run, caught up with a car rolled past, but didn’t. Then she saw a woman a bit further away, at an apartment house. She put jogging towards her with an unconscious Alice in his arms.

– I yelled to my daughter not breathing and that I needed help, ” says Paulina.

the Woman at the apartment block were, 44-year-old Annika Malmberg.

– I do not remember exactly what happened. It went very quickly. But I perceived what had happened, and received the child, ” says Annika Malmberg.