At the edge of the new protests by the yellow the West, in France nearly one thousand taken people on a provisional basis. More than 720 were in police custody, it was called on Saturday afternoon by the police. Most of the arrests took place accordingly in Paris. The police estimated the number of protesters in the afternoon throughout the country on almost 77’000.

In Paris, were arrested according to the police Prefecture of around 650 people, are provisionally determined, 536 remained in police custody. The police in Paris used tear gas, armoured vehicles and water cannons. On television images of burning cars in the center of the capital. Several protesters tried according to reporters, the luxury shopping Mall “Publicis” in a fire.

Also other places in Paris, there were. Close to the Metro Station Grands Boulevards, the demonstrators set up a street barricade in flames. In the Avenue de Friedland, they broke the window panes. Several cars were blocking lanes.

a Good two weeks before Christmas, the Shopping is limited-pleasure: The luxury Department stores Printemps and Galeries Lafayette decided, in view of the demonstrations is to open its doors. Other shops remained. Many tourists were disappointed.

hammers, slingshots, paving stones

in the run-up excesses were again on the fourth Saturday in succession, with country-wide protests have been feared. The government had mobilised, therefore, country-wide 89’000 members of the security forces, in Paris, and 8000. This was around a third more than last Saturday, as it is in the capital, temporarily chaotic conditions prevailed.

The protests led to massive traffic delays in Paris. Several hundred protesters blocked on Saturday morning at times, the important ring road, the Périphérique. The police broke up the Blockade, without bumps. A local yellow West spokeswoman stressed the peaceful character of the highway Blockade: “We want to be heard, not a riot make,” said Laetitia Dewalle.

the city of Paris was affected by the protests. Tourist attractions such as the Eiffel tower and the Louvre as well as many shops remain out of fear for Chaos and looting closed. In addition, 36 stations of the U are closed-Bahn and the suburban trains RER. Around 50 bus Pasgol lines were suspended or diverted.

demonstrations in several cities

Also in other French cities, yellow the West went back on the road. In Marseille, about a thousand rally participants from the port to the Prefecture, marched, as an AFP Reporter reported. Here, too, the initiators emphasized their commitment to a peaceful course.

Similarly, participants followed in Grenoble rally a protest call to the yellow West. One of the initiators was taken there, according to the Prefecture, because he had not sought for the Demonstration approval. The authorities in Grenoble, described the situation as tense, there were a total of to lunch about 15 arrests.

across the Country, the yellow West-made cars disabilities on the car. The A6 was to the North blocked by Lyon, according to the highway operator, since 04.30 PM. The A10 was released around noon for the traffic after the yellow had lit a fire in the West in the night, pallets and tyres.

mass protests in France: clashes with police Video: AFP/AP

Moderate call at to stay away

In the whole of France were according to the authorities until noon, more than 5000 people on the controls highways. This had led to many arrests, among other things, because people are “dangerous objects” would have led with, said the police.

Moderate representatives of the yellow, the West had called on its supporters earlier, the rallies in Paris to stay to be in the eyes of the Public, not with the rioters in a pot thrown. Individual activists called for the taking of the Elysée Palace in Paris, the headquarters of President Emmanuel Macron .

The protest movement is calling for the resignation Macrons, as well as General tax cuts, higher pensions and wages. The previous Commitments of the government are not enough for the activists.


Created: 08.12.2018, 15:21 PM