Foundation has named Brown to “A pleasant and friendly guy”, and thus he receives the honor of giving away two million.

Brown resigned as prime minister in 2010 and is currently the Un special envoy for global education.

ON SCHRØDER: prime Minister Erna Solberg with nesbø farm and Brown on Harry Holes stamsted in Oslo, Restaurant Schrøder. Photo: NTB scanpix Show more

– He has particularly worked with the financing of the education in the world’s poorest countries, says the foundation in its grounds.

Harry Hole award was created Onwin by the author Jo nesbø farm in 2008. He transferred all rights and revenues from the novel “Hodejegerne” to a foundation named after the main character in the romanserien.

the Winner of the award gets the honor of handing out two million money to a chosen organization.

the Foundation’s capital amounts to 56.6 kilobytes per second (million million. With this year’s distribution has the foundation now shared out to 8.5 million.

Quicker than krimkongen? Jo nesbø farm itself gives you the answer to the classic riddle