Threatened munkesæler on the american island group Hawaii news now biologists and environmental activists, because sælernei over the last few years has been registered with the eel in the nose. The serpentine fish has simply in several cases the drill up into their nostrils for one reason or another. And scientists have their theories about the unusual case.

It writes multiple media including CNN.

Here are enjoying a monk seal on the beach in Hawaii. (Photo: HMSRP)

Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program(HMSRP) have also posted the unusual story on their facebook page.

On facebook-the lookup type HMSRP the following about a seal who on Monday got an eel in the nose:

‘Mondays….it has certainly not been a good one for you. It’s not so fun to get an eel in the nose. We have reported about this phenomenon in the past. It started a few years back. We have now again found Klasbahis the young seals with the eel in the nose several times. In all cases, it is managed to remove the eel from the seal’s nose. But the eels have never survived.’

Researchers are concerned that they might transmit the infections to the seals and impede the seals to dive when they have drilled into their noses. And so far, scientists from NOAA(the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has come up with two theories about the intrusion in their nostrils.

In the first theory it is believed that the eel in a kind of defence reaction penetrates into their nostrils, when the seals with the mouth and nose, searching for food in the cracks and under rocks in coral reefs.

In the second theory it is believed that it can rotate about the eel, as the seals have swallowed whole, and which they then try to regurgitate or squeeze out again through their nostrils.

But as yet have no solved the mystery, which still amazes scientists.

A turtle and a seal side by side in Hawaii. (Photo: HMSRP)