At the end of July everything went black.

the 38-year-old Vibeke Skofterud, who have both won OLYMPIC and WORLD championship gold in cross country was 28. July found dead.

it was Later found out that Skofterud lost their lives when forulykke on his personal watercraft, and she died after all that the judge immediately of the damage she sustained.

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Picture from the funeral of Vibeke Skofterud. Photo: Trond Reidar Teigen/Ritzau Scanpix

Now tells the family to Skofterud to VG, how the everyday life is without the successful langrendsløber.

– You do not understand it. It is not possible to deal with it. It is still difficult to understand, says Vibeke Skofteruds mother, Kristin Westbye to VG.

The Norwegian media have both talked with Vibeke Skofteruds mother, Kristin Westbye, and Vibeke Skofteruds big brother, Tormod. The mother clearly remember, that she got the brutal message of his daughter’s death by Vibeke Skofteruds girlfriend Marit Stenshorne.

… I had just put the car key in. There I got a phone call. It was Marit. You get it not to know more brutally, says Kristin Westbye.

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Vibeke Skofterud in 2014. Photo: Daniel Sannum Lauten/Ritzau Scanpix

After the horrible message, it was almost a panic in the mother, Betxlarge and she tried desperately to get a hold of the rest of the family.

Then it was time to ask.

– It is brutal. You feel completely alone in the whole world. It was just Moa and me. I tried to call to Tormod. I got no response. I tried to call to dad (vibeke’s father, red.). I got no reply from anyone. So are you alone in the world, says Kristin.

She Skofteruds big brother, 41-year-old Tormod says that he also got the tragic message of the girlfriend Marit.

– I was out to make my bike ready. The phone was charging. I had a good time, so I washed, scrubbed it, and ordered a little at the. When I came into the house, I saw that there were many missed calls to my mother, father and Marit. Marit was at the top, so I called her first. There I got the brutal message, ” says Tormod.

Vibeke Skofterud was as an athlete beloved in Norway, particularly because of its openness about life’s ups and downs. Therefore, there were also many among the other politicians, sports personalities, who participated in the funeral.

the Family has after the death received a lot of greetings, but it is not the words, which is the most important thing for the family in the difficult time. Both Tormod and Kristin mentions stuff as safe and important.

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