The 687. Day of Donald trump presidency could go down in history. On Friday afternoon, local time, three court landed his gifts to the writing of the U.S. capital tables – with a Bang that will long reverberate: the ability of Federal prosecutors to bring for the first Time a President Donald Trump with clear crimes referred to in the context.

The documents are faithful three memoranda to the sentencing of two Trump. A special investigator Robert Mueller written Memorandum refers to the former election campaign Manager Paul Manafort, 69, the well-known in September, guilty, and the prosecutors, a cooperation agreement was received.

Two other memoranda relate to trump’s long-standing “problem solver,” Michael Cohen, 52, will learn his sentence next week. In a document Mueller points out that Cohen had repeatedly said about Russians contacts, and a construction project in Moscow is untrue. The other is more controversial: the ability of the Federal government to draw lawyers in New York that Cohen had acted in violation of the laws on election campaign financing to Trumps instructions.

experts believe impeachment possible

“Relieved the President of total. Thank you!” tweeted Trump on the same day. Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders double after: “The Cohen case tells us nothing of Value that is not already known.”

experts evaluate the briefs completely different than the White house. “The big News today is not about Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, it is about a Person: Donald Trump,” says the former advocate General Neal Katyal. “For the first Time, Federal prosecutors say, Essentially, Donald Trump has committed a crime.”

Katyals point of view is shared by conservative professionals, from columnists David French, referred to the inputs as “ominous for Trump”. James Dean, a lawyer in the White house under Richard Nixon, believes: “The house of representatives will now have no more choice and an Impeachment proceedings.”

In his Cohen-Memorandum emphasizes Mueller, trump’s “Fixer” had made his untruthful statements in writing, and with other members of the government agreed.

Dean knows what he’s talking about. Nixon came his initiated deposition just before, by 1974 the withdrawal step. Against Bill Clinton, the Impeachment was decided upon in 1998 by the house of representatives, but in the following year by the Senate discarded.

Both Nixon as Clinton hampered the Betgram judiciary and others pushed for the statements to be false. Similar to the Mueller seems to have in mind. In his Cohen-Memorandum of the special Prosecutor emphasizes that Trumps the “Fixer” had made his untruthful statements in writing, and with other members of the government agreed. The question in the room: Held Trump Cohen to lie?

Trump is under pressure – and dismisses his chief of staff

The New York prosecutors go further. In addition to former offences of Cohen’s Memorandum relates to hush money to two women with whom Trump had Affairs. To make the Playboy Model Karen MacDougal muzzled, sold Cohen their rights in the summer of the election year to a magazine publisher, made the Story disappear in the drawer. In the autumn of Cohen Porn actress Stormy Daniels 130’000 dollars paid.

“two payments”, according to the Prosecutor, “was Cohen with the intent to influence the presidential elections of 2016.” So interpreted, were the payments a criminal breaking the law. Explicitly state to add lawyers: “Cohen acted in consultation with and in accordance with the instructions from the individual 1” how to Trump the Scriptures.

Allegedly, Cohen has recorded his conversations in the White house. Trump could make it difficult for it to make a more benign interpretation of the payments is credible. As he knows, fired Trump on Friday morning, a Twitter Tirade, and made the upcoming change in personnel in his government leakage. Yesterday, Saturday, he announced that chief of staff John Kelly to the new year will leave the White house. A successor should already be morning, nominated Monday.

trump’s campaign aides, Roger Stone believes that it is the President dawns that the Mueller investigation will not go contrary to the assertions of its defenders in the past. “He has finally found out that she revolves around him.”

(Sunday newspaper)

Created: 08.12.2018, 22:35 Uhr