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After the severe drought in the summer, there was almost no water left in the pond that was home to 24 goldfish. Then, the family decided Englund to take them home.

“We wanted to help them,” says 15-year-old Eveline Engman.

Family Englund live at a distance from the pond out on the Limestone pavement in the Sharp Alby. During this summer’s severe drought was almost completely drained of water, which created problems for the cows that visit it for a drink of water and cool off.

But there were more animals to think about.

– My husband was asked to dig out of it and then we realized that it was the popular guldfiskdammen people usually watch, ” says Marie-Louise Englund.

– We wanted to help them, ” says her Queenbet daughter, Eveline.

Eveline wanted very much to try to save them so she took a bucket and followed with to see if there were any goldfish left to save. And she found the 24 pieces.

1 of 5 | Photo: Private.On Monday it was time to let them out.

During the three months of the Eveline, mother Marie-Louise, dad Michael and Evelines three siblings, Ella, Elouise, and Edwin, taken care of fish at home.

– the Whole family has been assisted, there has been little work. They have got to be in a zinkhink as we changed the water and so we have been feeding them, ” says Marie-Louise.

”It was a little sad”

But last week, it was time for the fishermen to come home again, something that gave the family mixed feelings.

– It was a little sad to drop them out when you have taken care of them for a while, but it’s where they belong, ” laughs Marie-Louise.

the Family still goes to the pond to watch the fish and see how they have it.

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