– the Wages and the agreement must of course be in order. Unusual working hours, there are many who have, so get started.

– If you do not want to work for his subsistence, and otherwise arbejdsklar, then remove all using, so there may be some, who wakes up.

How to write Martin G on jv.dk in one of the 74 comments that are written on the pølsegrillen TimeOut in Billlund, who has had to keep closed several times due to lack of people. Bl.a went the customers in vain the previous Saturday and on Monday:

– the Situation is such that our chief executive is on maternity leave, and a few other employees shortly after each other have chosen to seek new challenges.

– So right now there is just a single employee, just as I also even included in the vagtturnus.

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– But I also Vejle open-faced Sandwiches, which also must be cared for, so we urgently need some more hands. The problem is that there apparently isn’t any to get, explained the TimeOuts owner Preben Christensen, who Bahis Siteleri lacks people to work on Thursday and Friday evening and in the weekend to the jv.dk and Maja Læborg – which is the TimeOuts only employee pt. tell to the nation!, that wage is 120 per hour.

– And although there are many, who have contact us after the newspaper wrote the article, so we have not hired anyone yet, says Maja.

a week ago received the nation! this press release from the print company Tresu in Bjert. They also lack the people, and are now on the hunt for qualified employees in southern europe:

– After an adjustment of the staff in 2015 has TRESU hired over 20 new employees, including alone in the november nine in the field of engineering, construction, assembly and administration, so staff now is approx. 225 employees. Currently looking for the company a further 14 employees.

Our biggest challenge right now is to get executed the orders without compromising on quality and earnings.

– We have in a period drawn big toll on the employees, and we have made use of temporary employment agencies and temporary employment, but it is not sustainable in the longer term.

– However we have had difficulty attracting skilled labour, particularly within the technical disciplines, engineers, rejsemontører and machinists.

– Therefore, we are considering the time to look to the East and South of europe to obtain the necessary labor, writes cfo Michael Kjøbsted in the press release, which also has created some debate in the local area.

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