She hopes to be able to find new and valuable information. And why not the last secrets of the building. An american company wants to enter one of the rooms of the Titanic, failed in the Atlantic in 1912. The protectors of the ruins legendary oppose categorically such as the recently told the New York Times .

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Monday, may 18, the company RMS Titanic, which has exclusive rights to excavate the ship, has got to a federal judge changing an order dating back to 2000. Now, it will be possible to cut the hull at an end of science, that of extracting the telegraph Marconi building. The device could provide information on the distress signals emitted on the night of the sinking, on April 14, 1912.

“The device, Marconi represents a historical value, educational, scientific and cultural importance,” says judge Rebecca Beach Smith in his decision. Recalling that the cut will be “minimal”. “We plan to do it surgically, with a minimum of damage,” said David Gallo, consultant to RMS Titanic. According to the lawyer of the company, David Concannon, the room in question could even be achieved without damage to the ship, passing by a skylight. He also insists on the rapid deterioration of the material at the bottom of the ocean to justify this search.

“A monument to” untouchable

These precautions are not sufficient to reassure the associations related to the Titanic. According to Michael Kingston, senior vice-president of the Irish Cultural Centre, and Ciaran McCarthy, a lawyer, a specialist in maritime law, the ship is untouchable because it is “a monument that commemorates a tragedy and very difficult family ordeals”. Ireland is the last stage of the Titanic before crossing the Atlantic. Dozens of men went up to jerusalem to emigrate to the United States. In all, 1500 passengers on the ship would find death, 700 will survive.

The u.s. Agency for ocean observation and atmospheric, official organ of research and the protection of the seabed, has also harshly criticized the project. “The agency believes that a judgment that is very clear must be put in place to prevent the shipment to happen, could we read in a report published in April and relayed by the New York Times. The alleged advantage to cut off the Titanic in order to recover the equipment Marconi (…) does not constitute a real public interest.” For the time being, the company RMS Titanic has not yet announced what it would like to do of the telegraph, if the expedition was not to fall to the water. May be present in the permanent exhibition of Las Vegas. Not sure that this issue will calm the anger of his critics…

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what is this authorization ?
where is this wreck ? a
in the territorial waters of the u.s. ?
if yes I am silent !
if not I then ask: “by what right ?”

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