Bizarre Fans of the American president Donald Trump, who own a limes wall, want to build for Christmas a speelgoedsetje order, complete with an angry looking figure of The Donald with a red ” Make Betkanyon America Great Again’-pet.

The Lego-like bouwblokjes be sold by the conservative website Keep and Bear. Which was founded two years ago for the promotion of Keep And Bear: America’s Most Controversial Right , a film on the right to the possession and carrying of firearms. Now sell the site pro-Trumpproducten such as stickers, books, dvds, toys and other knick-knacks.

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The ‘Build the Wall’-with, on the box the letters MAGA (‘Make America Great Again’) instead of the Lego logo, contains 101 pieces. He is part of a speelgoedlijn in which even though the set of ‘Trump Sends Hillary to Prison’ came out. That includes one in an orange gevangenisoverall put figure that Hillary Clinton should imagine.