Clas Ohlson+ FÖLJClas Ohlson lays down the shops outside the NordenKedjan bet on the online stores in the non-nordic länderFoto: Henrik Montgomery/TTBild from the Clas Ohlson department store on Drottninggatan shopping street in Stockholm. Arkivbild.MY ECONOMY

Back to the it all started with mail order, firm via the net.
Now, add Clas Ohlson down the non-nordic shops and betting only on the online stores. In Sweden, seen range of.

once started, Clas Ohlson opened its business by mail order with the small village of Insjön in Dalarna as a base. After expanding with physical stores slopes now the chain back to the origin – in all cases of operations outside the Nordic countries. Clas Ohlson is obligated to dismantle their shops in the Uk and Germany. Where should the company focus instead on e-commerce.

– the Goal long term is to have a profitable growth, but we have seen that the model with the physical stores are a little too costly and not scalable, ” says Lotta Lyrå, the ceo of Clas Ohlson.


In the Uk joins the business after ten years “continued with considerable loss”, in spite of the measures taken. Not in Germany, there are conditions to achieve profitability, will be called in the interim report for the second quarter (August–October).

the Question is if the Clas Ohlson will succeed better as a pure nätaktör there.

– Already today we see that we are growing there, ” says Lotta Lyrå.

the Closure means that the company returns to the model that the whole chain started with a hundred years ago.

– Yes, a mail-order operation is a bit like online shopping, fast deliveries are faster now, ” she says.

An analyst TT spoken with think that the change is both the right and expected. The business in the Uk has been wet for ten years, and now, something needs to be done. But that Clas Ohlson would be able to assert itself in international competition on the network, it is more unclear.

– It will probably be difficult, ” he says.

Range is seen above the

Clas Ohlson also sees of which products should be available in the physical stores. The company notes that it is possible to reduce the number of products and increase sales.

– We are conducting a major project to optimize the sales. We go through the range, and will roll out new solutions.

For some product categories it will mean a reduction in Holiganbet range, ” she explains, but it can also mean more products. The retail space may also decline in the future. Clas Ohlson has opened more and smaller stores.

– We have said that we want to increase sales per square meters sales surface. We go against a trend of fewer kvadratmetrar. Now we are testing different formats, ” says Lotta Lyrå.

Operating income for the second quarter amounted to sek 33 million, compared with $ 125 million in the corresponding period the year before. Sales increased by 8 per cent to 2 157 million.

Clas Ohlson’s share price rose sharply during mid-morning on the announcements. At 10.30 the course was up more than 5 per cent.