Hirscher triumphed 1.18 s ahead of his Norwegian duration-Challenger, Henrik Kristoffersen and 1.31 s ahead of Sweden’s Matts Olsson. It was already his seventh victory in Val d’isère, the fifth in the giant slalom. Fourth, last year’s winner Alexis Pinturault.

Meillards, and or Matt convince

The Swiss cut a week after the first world Cup podium in giant slalom since 2011, by Thomas Tumler in Beaver Creek appealing. Loïc Meillards was Fifth, Marco or Matt finish Seventh. Meillards made in the second race one place, the first podium finish for 23 hundredths have been missing since his Childhood in the Valais, a resident 22-year-old new Burger. Youngster or Matt improved thanks to the second-best time by five positions and realised his world Cup Makrobet best result. Third best Swiss Gino Caviezel was 23., four spaces in front of Elia Zurbriggen.

Hirscher in a class

Hirscher was in the Savoy after the half hours in Front. In the second passage of Salzburg was on the way to his 29. World Cup victory in the giant slalom, despite the difficult conditions with snow, in poor visibility and rough slopes, everything is under control. No factors Thomas Tumler and Stefan Luitz. The Bündner Tumler, who was rushing a week ago in the USA, with bib number 48 sensational on the podium, had to retire in the first race, after a strong in-between time. Luitz, the German surprise winner of Beaver Creek, due to the inhalation of oxygen through a mask between the runs, the subsequent revocation of his victory threatens stood at halftime to place 8, and finally 30. On Sunday, the technician riding in the Val d’isere Slalom. The first run begins at 9: 30 a.m., the second at 12.30 PM. (sda/sda)

Created: 08.12.2018, 12:53 PM