DebattÅSIKTDet is Ulf Kristersson who betray AlliansenLUF: Disgust for socialism legitimizes not that SD should get to dictate the terms This is an opinion piece. It is the writer who stands for the views that are put forward in the text, not the newspaper Aftonbladet.It is provocative to Ulf Kristersson stopped fighting for the liberal concept of society that was so central when the alliance was created, writes Joar Forssell.DEBATE

REPLICA. Ulf Kristersson ruled out the possibility of cooperation between the Alliance and the Greens for that MP wanted to see Annie Lööf, rather than the Ulf and the prime minister. For Ulf was prestige more important than the political issues and the Alliance. Ulf turned to the Alliance back when he went forward with a Mariobet government proposal that any decision would be dependent on The sweden democrats.

To the Left party is an authoritarian party whose policies would be devastating for Sweden do not need IT to persuade us – liberals have fought against the authoritarian parties is much longer than what M has done.

hatred for socialism legitimizes, however, not to let an authoritarian nationalist party get to dictate the conditions for a alliansregering.

The sweden democrats are not a bourgeois party. They are a nationalist party that they want to thwart gender equality and advocate reforms that require increased taxes. It is not possible to operate a liberal policy in cooperation with them. SD has already announced that they do not merely provide passive support, the Alliance would in such a case, the rule at their sufferance.

It is provocative to Ulf Kristersson stopped fighting for the liberal concept of society that was so central when the alliance was created, and instead went forward with a regeringsalternativ dependence of the far-right.

Did he allianskollegorna in the L and C closed the door? He was too weak to hold against the conservative forces in his party?

Ulf had been able to choose Alliance with the angle of inclination to the center, but chose not to disappoint our long-standing trust. The conservatives uncompromising actions of the forces now the Liberals to find other paths that minimizes the extreme parties influence.

To support an S-led government will require the support of V at each access, but it is better than a government that is dependent on the SD at each decision.

We want to have a M-led government and do not like S. But right now seem’s to be the best option for us to have an impact on liberal political issues, which at the side of the to exclude the SD is the promise to our voters. If S meets our requirements, so it is farther to the right economically than the Conservatives ever let us go.

Joar Forssell , president of the Liberal Youth of sweden

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