What movies, or space travel series was previously only available in Science Fiction, is now offered by the U.S. space Agency Nasa for the first time in Real: The sound of a strange planet. On their Website, Nasa has now released audio recordings that were made of the probe’s “InSight” on Mars. The deep Rumbling came from the winds on the Red planet.


“This Audio recording was an unplanned treat”, was InSight expert Bruce Banerdt quoted. The shooting stemmed from two extremely sensitive Sensors, which have captured the vibrations of the wind and the soil.

The sounds were “alien,” said Banerdt. “It Sekabet sounds like Wind or the sea roaring in the Background. But it has an alien feeling.”

in may 2018 launched the robot reached the end of November, the level of the Elysium Planitia just North the Martian Equator. He will examine the Inside of the planet. In an extremely complicated maneuver, the robot had been lowered after the entry into the Mars atmosphere, braking rockets, and a parachute.

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space probe’s Insight Mars-sending robot first photos to earth

Florian Schumann

“InSight” (“Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport”) is a 360-kilogram robot that does not roll, but stays in one place. The total of around 650 million Euro “InSight”Mission is set to last for two years. (dpa)