‘Someone must keep the wheels in motion.’

How to write Kurt H in a comment on the Magazine 3F’s Facebook profile on a statement from the rockwool foundation, which shows that the people working black, has been more diligent.

Work without vat and expense – measured in relation to the Danish gross domestic product (gdp) from 2016 to 2017 increased from 1.7 to 2.2 percent.

And Kurt H is not the only one who takes the new figures with lofty calm:

‘Suits-the boys use black work.

– They need to be washed white, all of the money they have stolen’, writes Kurt L the same place.

the nation! have received a mail from the plumbing employer from a municipality in the metropolitan area who, for his company want to be anonymous. He would like to focus on, to people who are registered as unemployed, are too busy to be hired. He searched for appropriate labor in the 30-km distance in the Jobnet, and contacted approximately 20 people.
the Master tells about his experience:

– I must admit that I don’t give a shit for the jobnet.

– I should use one and also like the two man, who can work with plumbing and sewers, and when you are searching for such some on Jobnet, so there will also be some names up of people who have experience and who live in the right distance.

And so you would think that they would be Truvabet happy for a job, but even if I offer proper conditions, new work clothes, a Jumper to run in and the 210 in an hour, then put several of them just hang up.

– And a single laughed and said that it was too little. He should have 300 in an hour.

– What exactly is the point?

– I thought that the Jobnet was for people who had to have a work, says the anonymous kloakmester. What do you mean?

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the nation! bad a week ago Jobnet on to comment on the letter, and they are working on some answers. Them we bring, as soon as we have them.