there now is 44,000 poor children – yes maybe 10,000 more – get Søren Pape, conservative party leader and minister of justice, to say:

– A poverty line, I have a little difficulty with, quite frankly. It is a little bullshit.

– How to I do not think we need to calculate poverty in Denmark. The more people that come into work, the faster will be the other statistically poorer. I think it should be about what it is for a life you can live. What you have…

– But you must have a heart of stone not to feel sorry for the children in those families. I therefore also think it is very sympathetic when someone does something with the julehjælp. Also local.

– I have it such that children are innocent, regardless of whether the parents ‘ situation is self-inflicted or not. If they are using their money wrong. Or they just can’t get it to hang together. There may be 100 reasons to search julehjælp.

– You have to sit on the purse strings. What with the posting of more money in these families?

– It is very hard. And even though there is kontanthjælpsloft, you can still be left with a considerable amount in the hand after tax, plus whatever else you can get covered.

– So it’s also about how you spend your money.

– Behind every family there is a story. For some of the families I will say frankly: Now must simply prioritize differently. And to others, I will say –it is a sin for you. Well I will help you any more. We must therefore also now be better to take the individual in hand.

– as we get more and more in the work, and the reserve that is left, is getting smaller and smaller, it is clear that you can say to them on social assistance: Here is a work – came in time in the morning. It is often people who have several different problems.

– But we think all children should have a proper christmas. Not that everyone should have equal much. But they need to have a good evening with some good food. You must have some gifts. It means something when you have to meet after christmas in the school. The children must also have a narrative.

– If a speech on poverty is bullshit , and all children must have a narrative. So what, when someone tells you that they have got a Canada Goose-the jacket and an iPad?

– this has been the case at all times and in all societies. We have not all equally much. And the places where you have tried to implement, that all must have equal amount, it’s gone terribly wrong.

– But I know that it can hurt. My father grew up in very modest surroundings. The other shouted after him and his brother in the school: ’See the poor – they have only fedtemadder with’. It is damn well also maliciously at a high level.

And it was can upset?

– Yes, it puts itself in the children.

Applicants to the julehjælp may hear comments that they have big flat screens that they smoke, that they are too thick and certainly should not have children they cannot take care of. Should critics see that the clap?

– Some people are grateful for the help. But if you go and complain about it, and there is a telephone, the iPad, and you are smoking 40 cigarettes a day – so I can well understand people have a critical look at it.

– There are also people who go to work, and have little extra for themselves by going to work in relation to, if they did not. Betpark

– Therefore, I think it is okay to have this here discussion. But not to say you should not have children – it is completely out of the hemp!

– You are piqued about people who get help and at the same time complain?

– Yes, them I am not so good at.

– So, would people from, for example, the Device list say that it is the right of the people to get help?

– It is so therefore, I am not from the party!

– But the whole attitude that people must stand with hat in hand and say thank you?

one need also not to say. I just think that we should be grateful to live in a society like the Danish. Then we can discuss how meshed the different things must be.


My parents put your coat according to your cloth

the Minister of justice in his home with julestads and Viborg Cathedral in the background. Photo: Ernst van Norde
Søren Pape can’t talk about social distress, without incessantly comparing with his own childhood on a small farm with just 18 acres of land 25 km from Viborg.

His parents bought it in 1960 and stacked a comfortable life in the legs for the family. With the first cows since pigs. Safe and good.

But also a home with all the classic virtues of putting your coat according to your cloth. Always pay cash and put aside for unforeseen things and old age.

– It is here that you pay your bills on time and matches any on its. It lies deep in me.

– The old never took a payday loan?

Pape loses a moment of composure and look a little silly out, until he understands it is a joke.

– No I can assure you! It was not invented. My father paid cash.

I frequently see ‘Luksusfælden’, and I’m about to burn together over the program every time. Often and often is the people which you think – when you hear their disposable – how in heaven’s name is it managed not to be able to afford to pay his things with the income?

– I do not understand it. But now I see it’s not so often anymore. My blood pressure can’t handle it.

– Are you still frugal, or give you the gas at the fine ministerløn?

– I give it no gas. I save just as quietly to a piece of furniture or a work of art.


on Christmas eve with father, mother, and Josue

Søren Pape shows his modest christmas tree. Photo: Ernst van Norde
– Comes that children to your christmas eve?

– No. It is my father and mother and my better half. Last year came Josues sister, mother, niece and nephew. This year we will be us four.

– Considering to go to his country (The Dominican Republic, red.) in the christmas?

– No, not abroad in the holidays. There will be two Thursdays in the week before it’s going to happen.

– What to say to Josue for your christmas?

He is good to adapt. He is a jew, but lived in a catholic country always. So, therefore our christmas traditions after all, not crazy strange for him.

– Talking your parents and he English together?

– Yes, he is about to speak so much English that they can talk together quietly, if my parents do not speak with too much dialect.

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