the Story that the children are always loyal to their parents, know the Akita Lindstrom only too well. The oldest of her three children, ten-year Emilia, has repeatedly as all the other children of his age, asked his mother whether she must not get your or dat, when the family has been on procurement.

– When she has asked, she comes to mind my pressed economy, and adds that she may even have to pay for it, she just asked.

Or she says: Mom, you must therefore like to get my money, confirms Akita Lindstrom the history of children’s unlimited loyalty to their parents.

the Akita Lindstrom is looking forward to having to start on the nurse-the studio 1. February of next year. For the time is her personal economic situation also markedly better. Among other things, because her personal deduction is lifted. Children of Emilia to the left and Malou with the hand to mouth thinking, however tentative, most of the christmas season like all other children. Photo: René Schütze

The single mother to three – Emilia has a brother Oliver on the four and little sister Malou in two years – marks in yet higher degree, and thus the children’s pushed the private economy now, where the year-probably the most børnefikserede festive season is approaching with ornaments, party, crunch and traditions. the
All elements, as in a several weeks long process towards the culmination 24. december cater to coziness, togetherness, procurement and expectations of the children.

– I have to do it all, even though I cannot really afford.

– I will not be able to hold out to see my kids fail or be disappointed, so I really hope that we get a julehjælpspakke from the Danish people’s aid, says the Akita Lindstrom.

The 29-year-old mother from our maybe future prime minister – read: Mette Frederiksen – childhood town of Aalborg to the Southeast was separated from his two youngest children’s father for a year and a half ago. Emilia has Akita Lindstrom with another man, as the elder-the daughter only has sporadic contact with. The divorce in the summer of 2017 took in more than one meaning wrestle at the Akita, who got serious mental problems, which she now is being treated for.

– Fortunately, completed in summer my hf-study and need 1. February start on the nurse-training. So I thought at a time, not that I could cope with, but now brightens the with the prospect of studiestarten about a month and a half, says Akita Retrobet Lindstrom,

With to get it to lighten are also, to her available funds for the time almost doubling from the current 3500 dollars per month to 6500.

– in The past six years I have had to empty the Emilia’s account to the confirmation savings to face the day and the way.

It was cross-border, but I will of course try to get the savings again.

the 29-year-old Akita Lindstrom will not go so far as to say that she regret anything in her previous adult life.

– Undo is too big a word to use, but I have been able to see and feel the recent years that it is a big challenge to have three children, and at the same time educate themselves. Had I done things in reverse order and trained me first, so would very much look different in purely economic terms.

the Akita Lindstrom dreams of becoming self-employed as a so-called sonolog. However, it requires further two years of study when she is done with the nurse-training. A sonolog make among other things, scans of pregnant women. Photo: René Schütze

On the other side of the nurse-training dream Akita Lindstrom to become independent sonograf and thus to be able to scan a part of the many pregnant women in Aalborg and the surrounding area, which currently only has two sonografer to go to.

the Akita Lindstrom is even skilsmissebarn and remember nothing from his own childhood juleaftener.

– I think I have repressed it, because it is not worth remembering, ” she says, and adds, that it is, therefore, that she all in the world will give his own children good to know juleminder.

Last year got 9540 single-parent families on public service a julehjælpspakke, which has a value of 1500 kr: A gift card for Rema, a gift card to BR and a gift certificate to the Sportmaster. More than 15,000 single-parent families have applied, and there is preliminary collected money so 9030 families can get help. the

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