Now I have just bought a new dress – so sad!

Come on, friends.’

How to wrote Charlotte J on Fynslund and Jordrups Facebook profile yesterday to a disheartening lookup from Fynslund Boldsklubs party planning committee chair Palle M.
Palle announced that it was not sold so many tickets to julefrokos party as expected and therefore considered void.

And Charlotte was not the only one who was tired of the prospect of a canceled party. In fact, there were a total of seven women complained.

‘Come now.

We will then ha the party’, wrote Inge N f.ex. and Christina C continued:

‘Come now and Deneme Bonusu let us get marked last christmas party with a bang.’

And now there is good news, for though the party of the year probably is going to end with a resounding deficit, because there is only sold 150 of the expected 240 tickets, and the band the bl.a. shall have his hire, then implement c event.

‘It’s settled – there will be a christmas party.

So in may well begin to warm up to Tr├Žskobal in Fynslundhalm’, wrote Helen: just before midnight yesterday, and the two who have commented on the message, I also women:

‘Welcome, writes Rikke VJ’, while Catherine VJ just send emojis of klappende hands, beer and a santa claus.