It was 29. July it became known that Vibeke Skofterud had died in a jet ski accident outside the city of Arendal. Skiløperen and tv-the profile was only 38 years. Sports and kjendisnorge was stunned by grief after the tragedy, and when she was buried the 9th. august, had it turned up so many that the church had to set up screens outside.

For her immediate family, has in recent months been hurt. Her mother, Kristin Westbye, was in the car when she got the terrible phone in the summer. Skofteruds girlfriend, Marit Stenshorne (44), said that idrettsprofilen was dead. It was almost impossible to understand for her mother.

– Moa (grandson, journ anm.) and I sat in the car. She was going on vacation to my uncle and I were at the cottage. I had just turned on the ignition key. Then I got a phone. It was Marit. It doesn’t become something more brutal, ” says Westby in an interview with VG.

BURIED: Vibeke carried out by Marit Bjørgen, Therese Johaug, Kristin Størmer Steira and Ingvild Flugstad Østberg. Show more – Bottomless

the Newspaper has faced mora together with Skofteruds brother and niece. Westby explains that she did not believe their own ears when sjokkbeskjeden came. She describes it as brutal and bottomless, and says that she there and then tried to call Vibeke. Then she had to call the rest of the family, without that she got no answer anywhere.

Bestevenninnens words to Vibeke: – A friendship it is hard to explain

It took time to realize that the 38-year-old skiløperen was gone.

It was bottomless with a time. But sometimes I have the thought that this must I clear this I must do, then Vibeke proud. For Vibeke his sake, so shall I clear things. One thinks a lot of things, ” says mora told the paper.

Her brother, three years older Tormod, says something of the same. When his mother tried to call him to get the death message, he was out and prepared his bike. The phone was charging, and when he came in again he saw a bunch of missed calls. He called Skofteruds girlfriend first, and got the heavy message.

gave a SPEECH: big Brother Tormod gave a speech at the funeral services. He received the death message of the sister’s boyfriend. Photo: NTB scanpix Show more

– Then I went down into the kneeling and stood there only and the gap. I thought and hoped that we could turn back time, but it turns out that it is not, ” he says.

Shortly after the accident, selected the very chiseled family to come up with a statement. In a press release signed dad Karsten, mom, Christian, brother Tormod and his girlfriend Marit, told the family the following:

” We fight the hardest and heaviest of days a family can experience. The loss of our dear Vibeke can not be described with words, and it is unfathomable that our daughter, sister and girlfriend should not be found more. We seek solace in each Supertotobet other and in the fact that Vibeke in the course of his too short life, lived richly and sat deep traces.

< p> Her last greetings to Vibeke: – We are going to be old and crotchety together Created the fund

In the Skofteruds dødsannonse, which was printed in the local newspaper Smaalenene, was that “just as dear as the flowers are a gift to Vibeke Westby Skofteruds minnefond”. The family had therefore created a fund to honor the 38-year-old.

– There is a desire from the family to continue something in Vibekes spirit. They want to perpetuate something of what she stood for, through a minnefond mainly to encourage within the physical and mental health, said the family’s spokesperson Pål Tømmerhoel to the VG in the summer.

Furthermore, he explained that the purpose of minnefondet is that it should provide attention and financial assistance to persons or organizations that do something good for others. Already the 21. august it became known that the fund had received around 400 000.

TRAGIC: It was put out flowers on the island of St. Helena, outside the city of Arendal where the previous skiløperen died in a vannscooterulykke. Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix Show more

In his idrettskarriere, it was not only in the ski tracks that Vibeke impressed. She was also open about their own challenges, and openly about both eating disorders and a poor self-image. She also open about his sexual orientation.

I have long struggled with a challenging body, which has been difficult to control with respect to the weight. To be in the optimal langrennsform I had to slender me, and it is incredibly tiring when you have to train five hours every day, ” said she to See and Hear in 2016.

the Friends in grief after Vibeke Skofteruds’s demise

In the new interview with VG tells the family that they are proud of the fact that Skofterud touched so many with his openness.

Strong settlement

How important Vibeke Skofterud has been for English sport, was evident during the funeral services for her in august. Marit Bjørgen, Therese Johaug, Kristin Størmer Steira and Ingvild Flugstad Østberg set on the first row, and also bear the coffin out of the church after the last allsangen during the live funeral.

OLYMPIC SONG: Artist Hanne Sørvaag sings “See the fire bright”, which was the OLYMPIC song in 1994, in Vibeke Skofteruds funeral. Show more

She was also reminded of both the hot word and song. One of them that stood on the program, was her good friend Hanne Sørvaag (38), which beautifully show singing the song “See the Fire Light” in the church.

the Strongest was the words from his girlfriend, as tearful told about the first meeting between Skofterud and the cat Felix, who skiløperen adopted already after the first meeting. Stenshorne also told me about the nice moments the two had together.

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